Hallerbos becomes a nature reserve – De Standaard

Flemish Minister for Nature Zuhal Demir (N-VA) has granted the well-known Hallerbos the status of a nature reserve. It concerns a technical adjustment to the management plan, which should offer the forest better protection.

The Hallerbos is best known for the annual flower splendor during the spring bloom of the wild hyacinth. ‘But even without hyacinths, it is a large and particularly valuable forest by Flemish standards, with almost 600 hectares,’ says Demir. The recognition as a fully-fledged nature reserve must now ensure the protection that the forest deserves.

The minister also has ambitious plans for further strengthening the forest. ‘As part of the Flemish Ecological Defragmentation Action Plan, I want to realize the construction of an ecorecreaduct over the Brussels Ring, together with the Minister of Mobility. This ecorecreaduct will connect the two halves of the Hallerbos. In the following three winters, we will connect the Hallerbos a little more with the nearby nature areas each year through additional forest expansion.’


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