He has a son in the team, but the Spartan core predominates. We wanted more points, says coach Bílek

A firm look, rare even if only a hint of a smile, head down and quite a happy autumn presented by his team. This definition fits Michal Bílek, who commands Pilsen’s Pilsen at the top of the highest Czech competition, but also his brother Jiří. He steers the SK Olympie Dolní Břežany team in the district championship in Prague West.

After the middle of the season, his charges took third place in the autumn finale, in the autumn finale they outclassed FK Dobříč with a ratio of 11: 3. “I sincerely hoped that there would be a few more points, but the opponents also prepared well for the competition. We are in a good position and we are already looking forward to spring.”

He is in regular contact with his brother, who has both player titles and a coaching double with Sparta, an engagement on the bench of the Czech and Kazakh national teams and currently rules Pilsen in Pilsen. “We call ourselves practically every other day. We mainly discuss the matches of Pilsen, although he also regularly asks about our duels. And of course I tell him what I would do differently than he did in some matches,” “It would be great if we could play with Dolní Břežany in Pilsen. My brother and I are close to each other, we are similar, people even confuse us. I would enjoy such an experience.”

Jiří Bílek’s wish could soon come true, because the duel with the currently second team of the highest football competition is one of the prizes in the Kopeme for football project, in which Dolní Břežany is a regular participant.

In the Břežan cabin, however, the coach must also control the club tricks. His son Jiří, the current sports director of Slavia, plays in the team. And the team of stitchers also includes other Březan footballers. “Our core is divided into a stitched and a red camp. Of course, I am one of the right, Slavic camps,” laughs Martin Majer, who is opposed by a well-tuned captain Tomáš Pata: “Captain Břežan is a proud Spartan superiority and I’m glad for that. “

However, the Pilsen, Slavic and Spartan camps in Dolní Břežany are mainly united by their love of football. “We are enjoying it. Now it is the turn of the team, which is always a reward for all players and coaches. I will be happy to participate in it, although of course it will not be as intense as years ago,” concluded coach Jiří Bílek in Dolní Břežany.


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