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Lance Armstrong used to be considered one of the greatest athletes of all time. He had respect, fame and recognition. But none of that is true anymore. The former American cyclist is the number one sporting enemy.

Cyclist Lance Armstrong, who was born exactly fifty years ago in Texas, USA, tended to play sports as a child. At the age of sixteen, he even became a professional triathlete.

Lance Armstrong beat cancer

However, he did not last the triathlon and began to specialize in cycling. At the 1992 Olympics, he finished fourteenth in the road race and then became a professional.

Armstrong was able to establish himself quickly in the world of cycling and began to gather success after success. In the autumn of 1996, however, his life changed – doctors diagnosed him with the third and most severe stage of testicular cancer with extensive metastases to his lungs.

Doctors gave him only a 50 percent chance of survival, and he even found two more brain tumors during treatment. But Armstrong underwent several chemotherapies, read a lot about cancer, and eventually beat the insidious disease.

Lance Armstrong triumphed on the Tour de France

His great support at the time was his wife Kristin Richard, with whom he had three children thanks to artificial insemination – two of whom were twins. In 2004, however, they divorced. Armstrong also dated American singer Sheryl Crow for a while.

Lance Armstrong returned to cycling and in 1999 he proved the almost impossible, dominating the famous Tour de France, which he then won six more times. So far, he has written an incredible sports and life story. He had millions of fans around the world, everyone admired and cheered for him. But it’s gone.

Lance Armstrong doped

Already during the days of Armstrong, many people accused him of doping. But he denied it and no one could do anything to him. In 2012, however, the Anti-Doping Agency accused him of using illegal and prohibited means of support, Armstrong lost all seven titles from the Tour de France and spent a lifetime.

Armstrong was still defending himself at the time, but at the beginning of the next year he confessed to everything in an interview with the American presenter Oprah Winfrey. At the time, he said, among other things, that doping was normal for him and that he used it because he longed for victory. However, he received great criticism and almost everyone gave up. The beloved cyclist has become the number one sports enemy.

“It’s late, it’s probably too late for most people. And it’s my fault. It was one big lie, which I repeated many times. It’s gone now. This story has been perfect for so long: you have overcome cancer, you have won the Tour de France seven times, you have a happy marriage, children … This mythical and perfect story was not true, “Armstrong said on the talk show.

And the former cyclist later revealed even more. “I first doped when I was twenty-one,” he told ESPN.

Another Lance Armstrong scam?

But that’s not the end of his story. Armstrong’s scams may have been far greater. Did you even help with a secret motorbike? “The scene from one mountain stage is repeated in my head, when everyone is in trouble and he leaves them far behind. I called a few specialists I know at the time, and we agreed that such performance could not be proven even with the use of EPO. No one understood how this was possible, “said Jean-Pierre Verdy, the former head of the French anti-doping agency, in an interview with Stade 2.

Armstrong is said to have reached with his left hand under the saddle where the motorcycle was supposed to be hidden. “Armstrong was the biggest cheater of all, he had special treatment and accomplices everywhere,” added Verdy. Be that as it may, one thing is for sure – Lance Armstrong will never regain his former immense popularity.


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