He regretted not accepting to stand in front of George Clooney.. Why did Jamil refuse to rap?

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Sunday 19 September 2021

I wrote – Manal El-Gioshy:

Today marks the third anniversary of the death of the great artist Jamil Ratib, who introduced art to many different personalities.

During his artistic career, the late artist was keen on diversity in what he presented, so we find him embodying the character of “Abu Al-Fadl Jadallah” in the events of the series “Diary and Nice”, as well as Minister Rushdi Al-Khayal in the events of the movie “Towers of Darkness”, and Ambassador Mofeed Abu Al-Ghar in “The White Flag”. , and he was blamed in the events of the movie “Al-Kif”, and other various characters.

Although the late artist participated in more than one foreign work, he preferred to stay in Egypt and refused to participate in the works presented to him in American cinema.

And his business manager said in an exclusive statement to Masrawy that Jamil Ratib always said about the star Omar Sharif that he is an international actor, although the latter did not talk about him in the same way.

He continued: “Jamil Ratib refused to work in Hollywood, because he did not like the United States of America, while he participated in nearly 50 French films.”

He indicated that he refused to work with international star George Clooney in his famous movie “Syriana”, believing that the work offends the Arabs, but after following up on Clooney’s positions, he regretted not participating in the film.

As for his closest roles, he said: “A Tunisian movie called (Sheesh Khan), the movie (Kesh Malak) with Sherihan, as well as the movie (The Beginning) with the artist Ahmed Zaki, a work directed by Salah Abu Seif.

He continued, “In fact, his personality was very similar to his character in the series Al-Raya Al-Bayda,” while he confirmed that Jamil Ratib’s closest friends were: Mohsina Tawfiq, Abdulaziz Makhyoun, Muhammad Sobhi, Laila Alawi, Karam Al-Najjar, Salwa Khattab, Khaled Al-Hajar, and Salwa Muhammad Ali. , and a lot of French friends

He concluded his speech by saying, “Jamil Ratib presented many works for the theater, and also participated in several films in Tunisian cinema. Years ago, we traveled to Tunisia and the Tunisian audience received him very warmly, and he was speaking with them in the Tunisian dialect.”


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