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‘He’s a war criminal’: Elite Putin security officer defects

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A man close to Russian president Vladimir Putin has defected to the U.S., telling a congressional panel that he was roughed up and pushed out of the Kremlin because of his criticisms of Putin’s activities in the Ukraine crisis.

The security officer, who asked not to be named, says that Putin’s inner circle, including the president himself, is “extremely passionate” about toppling the Ukrainian government and imposing Russian control over conquered areas. he also accuses the leadership of criminally suppressing news and silenced dissident voices.

The security officer says that he was pushed out of his job after refusing to back Putin and the Russian military in the Ukraine crisis. He says he plans to stay in the U.S. to watchdog Russian elections and behavior.

Putin has denied any involvement in the internal strife in the Kremlin. He has pledged to bolster the Ukrainian military and security forces, which have been struggling to stand up to pro-Russian separatists.

Meanwhile, Putin’s opponents in the Kremlin are denouncing him as a war criminal.

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When Aleksei Aksyonov, the Russian security officer who defected to the U.S. in 2013, first announced his intentions to defect, heaping scorn on Putin, many assumed he was joking. But then Aksyonov’s true identity was revealed – he is an experienced Russian intelligence officer who has corrosion on his cocky exterior and a history of involvement in serious crimes.

And his defection from Putin’s inner circle adds to the intrigue around Aksyonov, who has for years been a close confidant of President Putin and an integral part of his inner circle. Aksyonov’s decision to defect has brought discredit on the Russian president and raised questions about the true soul of Putin’s rule.

Aksyonov’s decision to defect was timely. Putin’s rule has been coming under scrutiny lately due to reports of Kremlin wrongdoing and increasing public pressure to account for inconsistencies and discrepancies in Putin’s reign. And, like many others in Putin’s circle, Aksyonov may have decided that Chief Justice of the Russian Supreme Court Judge oligarch Ramzan Kadyrov is a danger to Russia and the president.

Kadyrov, an ally of Putin, is long suspected of involvement in serious crimes, including murder, organized crime, and drug trafficking. Kadyrov has also been known to be close to the Chechen leader, Asad Abbassi, and has been accused of complicity in the 2002-2010 Russian military intervention in Chechnya.

Aksyonov’s defection raises serious questions about Putin’s rule and his ability to govern effectively. Aksyonov’s decision to defect and his subsequent statements suggest that he is no longer willing to abide by Putin’s rule and that he has evidence that some of Putin’s appointees are corrupt and covered up deficiencies in Putin’s regime. This new information couldUK become a major embarrassment for Putin and lead to his downfall.

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