Hets, Social Media | Dana Manouchehri got a job in Frp

– It’s sad for democracy.

The 37-year-old was general secretary of LIM (Gender Equality, Integration, Diversity) until recently. Two weeks ago, she was employed as a political adviser in Frp, where she will work closely with party leader Sylvi Listhaug to shape the party’s immigration and integration policy in the coming years.

However, Manouchehri, a former refugee from Iran, is known for being one of the country’s foremost critics of Islam, and when it became known that she announced her transfer to Frp, it created uproar on social media. Journalist and guest writer in the cultural newspaper Subject, Eva Stenbro, probably recently received and posted a long comment about the incitement the 37-year-old has been exposed to.

«A week ago it became known that Dana Manouchehri had agreed to be an adviser in the Progress Party, and it did not take long before the media wrote about the case, until the incitement began. From being a respected voice in the public debate, she was suddenly reduced to an “immigration alibi” in Frp. In other words, the lady can not think for herself. She does not know her own best.

She was accused of failing her own, and of pulling up the ladder after her. It is not known which ladder this is, as the provocation on social media indicated that many believed that she had fallen into a moral mud hole. Based on the temperature of the messages, it was more natural to think that the ladder had burned up on the way down to hell.

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But it did not stop there. », Is some of what Stenbro writes.

You can read her full comment here:

– It should not be like that

Manouchehri is primarily concerned about the recent incitement.

– On a personal level it is very awkward, but on an overall level it is sad for democracy that we have not come any further in 2021. It is a paradox that the same people who highlight minority women with or without hijab, should blackmail me to be an “Uncle Tom.” It’s demoralizing for me as a woman. It should not be like that, says FRP’s political adviser to Nettavisen.

And she adds:

– It is allowed to criticize my political position and politics in Frp, but not go after me as a human being. It is sad to see that, among other things, there are false accusations of harassment. It is a breach of an open democracy. These people want an echo chamber, says Manouchehri.

FRP leader Sylvi Listhaug recently talked about her everyday life, when she is not working:

Believes a disservice is being done

The political adviser in Frp is clear that it is everyone’s right to have their own political opinions, but that an opinion has formed in some minority circles that the party should be disliked, regardless.

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– The FRP has been brown-stained for so long, and it is easy to say that “immigrants do not belong there”. It is a paradox that these people could have gone in a torchlight procession for me, if I had been a member of SV and wore a hijab, but to stand for Frp is not possible. Immigrants are doing a disservice by bringing down the party that actually wants everyone to have equal rights in Norway, regardless of background.

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– I am a witness to the truth who says something other than them, and destroys all their arguments about why the FRP is a party from the far right. What is missing is to be indulgent and generous to those who think differently, says Manouchehri.

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Finally, she talks a bit about the way forward as one of Sylvi Listhaug’s closest advisers.

– I will work with the immigration and integration field. I am very much looking forward to that, and as long as they trust me and I trust them, I look forward to the next few years, states FRP’s political adviser.

For the record: Dana Manouchehri has previously been a commentator in Nettavisen.

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