Hopp | Tooth irritated in the comeback:

National team coach Alexander Stöckl is pleased with the reaction of Daniel-Andre Tande in the competition comeback.

MIDTSTUBAKKEN (Nettavisen): Tande competed on Saturday afternoon for the first time after the panic in Planica. The Norwegian had to settle for a 9th place in the COC race which was won by Andreas Granerud Buskum.

Tande jumped 99 and 99.5 meters in the comeback, but was clearly slightly annoyed after the jump in the final round.

But when he meets Nettavisen after the change, the mood is back.

– It was fun. I feel there were some usable ski jumps, but it can still get better, says Tande.


The national team jumper posed in a training suit during Saturday’s competition and therefore got it a little tougher than planned.

– Then I feel 9th ​​place is fine and then I can not complain, says Tande.

He still admits that he was a little cursed right after jumping.

– Yes of course. I always expect to fight at the top no matter what. Earlier this week I had some terribly good ski jumps. Today I have jumped to a slightly lower level in slightly different conditions. You expect to do as earlier in the week, but that does not always work in ski jumping, explains a smiling Tande.

Satisfied national team coach

Only Tande is happy that national team coach Stöckl is happy that Tande is being cursed.

– That says it all. It says he is still motivated to do his best. I look forward to the continuation, says Stöckl to Nettavisen.

The national team coach is also pleased that Tande is competing again.

– It’s good to see him compete. It’s also fun to see that there are still some nerves. It’s not just about jumping on the bandwagon. In a competition with a fair level, the pulse goes up. Then you make a mistake. He probably needs a little more competitive training, says Stöckl.

And Tande will get that training. Already on Sunday, there is a new race in Midtstubakken in Oslo.

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