Horia Alexandrescu died. Anca Alexandrescu: Dad left / update

Horia Alexandrescu passed away.

Horia Alexandrescu, journalist, director and founder of some newspapers in the media landscape after 1989, has died. The announcement was made by his daughter.

“My father left”, wrote Anca Alexandrescu, on Monday morning, on her Facebook account, without giving any other details.

“I don’t think… God forgive him! Good thoughts, Anca! ”, Gabriela Szabo also wrote on Facebook.

UPDATE: Horia Alexandrescu was hospitalized. According to Antena 3, he was diagnosed with lung cancer.


Horia Alexandrescu graduated from the Institute of Physical Education and Sports and the Faculty of Journalism, from the “Ştefan Gheorghiu” Academy. He made his debut in the press in 1971 at the newspaper Sportul. Tineretul Liber sports section, he was general secretary of Tineretul Liber since 1989, and then deputy editor-in-chief of the same publication, and in 1990 he founded “Sport Star”, a sports newspaper that did not enjoy success. .

In the autumn of 1990, together with Adrian Sârbu and five other journalists, he founded the daily Curierul Naţional, being also the general director of the publication. In 1992 he sold all the shares he had in the National Courier, and in 1993 he left the newspaper founded in 1990 and founded a new daily newspaper, Cronica Română. He left this newspaper in 2001 and founded the daily Independent.

In 2004, he made and moderated a show on Romanian Television, “Cafeneaua politică”, a show awarded with the “Pamfil Şeicaru” Prize for journalism.

DCNews presents an interview given by Horia Alexandrescu in May 2019:

Journalist Horia Alexandrescu had spoken, during the DCNews interview, about fake news.

“Fake news is an international phenomenon at this time. The ones who give the news to the public on sources are the most wrong. The concept of news on sources is dramatic, from our point of view as journalists. If you don’t take it or say where it comes from, it’s a disaster. (…) When we say by sources, you have one of three sources, from here come intoxication, falsification of reality and a lot of other things “, said the journalist.

In the same interview, he also talked about the first steps in television: “Tele7ABC was formed and Mihai Tatulici was the director there, at the beginning. He did four talk shows with four moderating journalists, they were Nistorescu, Gilda Lazăr, it was me, and there was someone else, so we were four moderators. It was Mircea Badea, who did the show there in the morning, with Teo, they also started there. That’s how we started, after the proposal from Tatulici. “


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