Horror! RI ‘Surrounded’ by Nuclear Weapons, Malaysia Shouts

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The formation of the AUKUS pact, which is a new defense alliance between the United States (US), Britain and Australia, has made Southeast Asian countries worried. This, is considered to be able to catalyze a nuclear arms race in the Indo-Pacific region.

This is also felt by Indonesia and Malaysia. Both could be ‘become surrounded’ by countries with nuclear weapons, such as those of Australia and China, which could have an impact on regional stability.

Last weekend the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the formation of AUKUS had worried Indonesia. RI will also be very careful about this.

“Indonesia is very concerned about the continued arms race and the projection of military power in the region,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweeted on its Twitter account @Kemlu_RI.

“Indonesia encourages Australia and other relevant parties to continue to promote dialogue in resolving differences peacefully. In this regard, Indonesia emphasizes the importance of respecting international law including UNCLOS 1982 in maintaining peace and security in the region.”

Malaysia sees AUKUS as being able to stimulate more aggressive action. Especially in the South China Sea (LCS) area, which is already experiencing tensions at this time.

“This will provoke other powers to also act more aggressively in the region, especially in the South China Sea,” the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement. Reuters.

“As a country in ASEAN, Malaysia holds the principle of maintaining ASEAN as a Zone of Peace, Freedom and Neutrality (ZOFPAN).”

Malaysia also urged all parties to avoid provocation. Including arms competition in the region.

AUKUS itself was formed amid the increasing influence and threat of China in the region. Under this pact, Australia would get assistance in acquiring nuclear-powered submarines to enable its navy to counter Chinese nuclear-powered vessels.

In Southeast Asia, China itself often claims the South China Sea with the concept of “nine-dash line” even though it has been overturned by an international court. This caused tensions with a number of Southeast Asian countries, such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Malayisa, including Indonesia in Natuna.

China itself is reported to have nuclear weapons reaching 350 units. This is as reported by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute).

Australia is currently fierce on several fronts, including trade with China. This began when the country demanded an investigation into the origin of the corona in China, in early 2019.

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