Housing collapses in Barrio de San Francisco

The house located in the neighborhood of San Francisco, 20 Oriente 410, collapse after presenting damage from the different earthquakes in Puebla, mainly the one in 2017, and as a result of the rain forces.

Since this Saturday, the second floor began with landslides, so the area was cordoned off by elements of Protection Civil and Comprehensive Risk Management of the Puebla City Council; however, by the afternoon of this September 19, it ended up collapsing.

In an interview, the Director of Risk Management, Víctor Cerdán Ramírez announced that the property was inhabited by three people and a dog.

He said that on Friday night they went to the place and removed the people because the collapse was imminent, fortunately they accepted and decided to leave of their own free will.

He mentioned that since 2017 the owner has been notified about the danger of the home, although the answer was always that he does not have the resources to restore it.

He explained that Civil Protection cannot enter the area with machinery, because in the first place they do not have it and they would also get into a legal problem because it has an owner.

He ruled out damage to the other houses that are also inhabited, since after a review with the DRO they eliminated possible damage to the walls, it only has faults in the front part.

He added that, as this house (apparently it does not fall within the historic houses), there are many more in the city of Puebla, but they do not want to leave despite the risk that this represents and because they are under the frozen rents regime.

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