How to lose 10 pounds effectively? Find out from nutritionist Serban Damian!

The battle with extra pounds is hard to take and most of the time we risk losing it. Temptation at every step, longing, constant feelings of hunger and sweetness and especially the stress we experience when we diet, are elements that we can hardly cope with. Regardless of the amount of willpower and determination we have in the early days, if the results are late, we are delivered at first with the slightest temptation of gastronomy.

Experts say that the key to losing weight and actually maintaining weight is not a strict diet that involves starvation. Instead, long-term lifestyle changes, including eating healthy foods and exercising in the daily schedule, are the most effective way to success.

Therefore, to help you achieve your weight loss goals, nutritionist Serban Damian offers you the most important plan and advice on diet and fitness shown work. You can apply them realistically to fit perfectly into your daily routine, and their effectiveness will allow you to start seeing results immediately, giving you the mental support to continue the weight loss process.

“When we try to lose weight, it’s easy to think that fast diet is the way. Fast and easy, maximum weight loss in minimum time, this is what we all want and this is the perfect diet we are looking for. But , this is not the case, because extreme weight loss methods often promote unhealthy ideas and can lead to more problems than long-term solutions.If you are trying to lose weight, the rate of safe weight loss per week, according to most studies, is between 0.5 kg and 1 kg Lose weight faster than that and put yourself at risk for health problems including malnutrition and stones, as well as feeling tired and sick, “explains Serban Damian, a nutritionist at the Superfit Center.

Here are some solid principles you can use if you want to lose weight!

  1. STOP extreme diet

We all want to lose extra pounds quickly and effortlessly. But if you want to take care of your health, extreme diets are the worst choice. “Lightning diets work on the basis of very high caloric restriction, which can make you lose weight for short periods, but after abandoning the restrictions, the kilograms accumulate and usually come with others. In addition, it deprives you of nutrients, make you always hungry and often monotonous, so beware of the most popular diets on the Internet (Dukan, dissociated diet, keto, etc.) or any other diet that promises rapid weight loss (soil, diet pills, etc.) “Your diet should not endanger your health in the long run. Diets should not impose a caloric restriction greater than 500-800 kcal compared to the maintenance value,” recommends the nutritionist.

  1. Eat balanced food

Before each meal, we should look at the plate and see if we have all the food groups: protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. “Most people don’t eat too many carbs, they just eat too many simple carbs. These high-calorie foods, which have no nutritional value, are metabolized rapidly in the body, which raises blood sugar and then causes it to fall. Low Glucose Triggering Hunger Hormones Make the most of the calories you consume in your diet by eliminating high-calorie, low-nutrient foods, such as sweets and refined grains. high-fiber, high-protein foods, and high-fat vegetable oils.This trio of healthy protein, fiber and fat will keep your energy levels stable and your stomach full, helping to limit overeating. does not mean excluding small culinary delights, but enjoying them in a limited number, occasionally “, explains doctor Serban Damian.

  1. Keep a food diary

A food diary can be very helpful when we begin a weight loss process. “A food diary can help you find out what your current eating habits are and where you start. It’s not necessary to count calories, but it can be effective as a starting point. Write down all meals, including snacks, to know when you ate too much, ”the doctor recommended.

  1. Manage stress

Eating emotionally, out of boredom, sadness or anxiety can be an explanation for the extra books. It is essential to treat the cause and find better methods than food to deal with unpleasant or stressful situations.

  1. Include movement in your daily schedule

Whether we are talking about going to the gym, running, climbing stairs or long walks in the park, any physical activity is very beneficial in the weight loss process.

  1. Pay attention to sleep

“Fatigue is one of the factors that can cause you to eat more than you need to maintain your energy levels as much as possible, somehow compensating for the lack of sleep. Pay attention to rest and get enough sleep to prevent overeating. When we are tired, our bodies struggles to control its hunger hormones and eventually tells the brain to appreciate fatty, high-energy foods, even if the body is not physically hungry, “explains the nutritionist.

  1. Have patience

We all want to lose extra pounds as soon as possible, even if they have been accumulating for years. But that is not possible. We need to be patient with our body and give it time. Also take into account the periods of normal stagnation and do not give up!

  1. Moisturize yourself enough

Water is the best friend of dieters. “Water helps prevent overeating, keeps your metabolism active, reduces bloating and saves hundreds of calories when you choose it over other sweet drinks. We often confuse thirst with hunger, so if we drink a little water and wait 20 minutes it can be full Our stomach and appetite can suppress our appetite, which prevents us from eating too much food. “When the body is dehydrated, it is malfunctioning and will not be able to optimize weight loss efforts. The easiest way to make sure you are hydrated is to always have a bottle of water on hand,” said Dr. Serban Damian, a nutritionist.

  1. Keep healthy snacks on hand

Healthy snacks help maintain blood sugar levels, provide satiety and prevent the body from storing excess fat. “Opt for healthy snacks, which are about 130 to 250 calories high and full of healthy, saturated fats, protein, fiber and high-energy carbohydrates. Consider hummus and vegetables, fruits and yogurt granola or a slice of whole wheat bread and peanut butter and bananas.

  1. Work with a doctor or nutritionist

The process of losing weight is difficult, but when you have people around you who support you, things seem easier. In this regard, opt for the advice of specialists, doctors or nutritionists. They can help you achieve your weight loss goals, with safe, effective and personalized advice and recommendations that do not endanger your health.

If you want to lose extra pounds and make health the highest priority, these tips are exactly what you need to get started. Success on the hard path of weight loss is always at the end, when the reward is the greatest!

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