How to marry a hickey, if it works, it can be sold

Illustration of keeping the betta fish water clean. [Istimewa]

In addition to knowing how to properly care for betta fish, you also need to know how to breed betta fish in order to get the desired results. – How to mate a hickey or Siamese fighting fish. If it succeed marry a hickey, can benefit from being involved by selling both the chicks and the mother.

In addition to knowing how to properly care for betta fish, you also need to know how to breed betta fish in order to get the desired result.

Betta fish or Betta cultivation, which begins with the right mating technique, will get good and healthy betta fish. Here’s how to mate betta fish as summarized from Modest Fish and Tankarium, Friday (27/8/2021).

Illustration of aquatic plants for betta fish aquarium. [Istimewa]

How to Breed Betta Fish

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Step 1: Set Up a Permanent Betta Fish Tank

  • Before raising and breeding betta fish, prepare a permanent tank or aquarium for male betta fish and females.

Step 2: Set-up Betta Fish Breeding Tank

  • For a good breeding aquarium, prepare the following equipment: 10 gallon water tank with lid, 25 watt submersible heater, seasoned sponge filter, air pump, Christmas moss: Indian Almond leaves (or Styrofoam cup alternatively). LED lighting, open top glass hurricane globe or dividing tank.
Illustration of separating betta fish. [Istimewa]
Illustration of separating betta fish. [Istimewa]

Step 3: Betta Fish Marriage Dance

  • When male and female betta fish interact in one tank, the betta will chase each other, bite, and swim together. They do so for several hours when the female is ready to deposit eggs in her bubble nest.
  • Provide a hiding place for the female to rest during the process. It takes 2 to 12 hours for the betta pair to complete the mating dance and spawning. The male betta will turn the female over as he coils himself around her to fertilize the eggs when released in the water.
  • This “hug” will last several minutes with a floating motion until they sink together. The female then releases an egg every time it is squeezed by the male’s embrace. The female will look lethargic from time to time when she releases her eggs. Each mating, betta will produce 20 to 50 eggs.
  • Once the male betta stops mating and collects eggs and returns to the bubble nest, it’s time for the mating pair to be separated from the tank.

Step 4: Separating Betta Seeds in a Separate Aquarium

  • The biggest mistake some people make when breeding betta is trying to breed them in a male-only tank. You will need a special breeding tank because betta seeds are very fragile and require clean water.
  • It takes about 3 days for the fertilized egg to develop into an embryo and hatch. Egg development reaches its peak at hatching, about 3 to 4 days from laying. After hatching, the seeds will swim freely and immediately remove the male betta for the safety of the betta eggs.
  • In fact, in the wild, male betta fish only nurse their fry until they are free swimming. At this point, the betta and the fry will all separate.
  • It can take 3 to 4 months for the juvenile betta to be ready to develop in their new home.
Betta Fish Infographic.  ( Asaputro)
Betta Fish Infographic. ( Asaputro)

Tips for Choosing a Betta Fish Pair

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Before getting to know sign of betta fish ready to mate and how to mate, it would be nice to choose the best betta fish pair to mate. Success will be based on the mating partner chosen.

Although there are many options, buy your betta fish from a reputable farm. You will get complete information about your betta’s genetics and accurate age.

Signs of Betta Fish Ready to Mating

Betta fish breed best when they are young, which is ideally at the age of 4-12 months, and a maximum of 14 months). Make sure the betta fish that will be bred have good genetics so that the results are not sickly and healthy.

Adult male betta fish show signs of being ready to mate, which will turn a darker color and show their fins to try to chase or attack other fish.

On the other hand, before mating, female betta fish will even spy on the fighting males and choose the victor to mate. For female bettas, this is their method of “selection” for the male’s abilities and is low risk.

Some adult female betta fish may be embarrassed and stick their fins tightly against their bodies and they will be seen warming up to the male betta often as soon as they are watched from the breeding tank.

The most obvious sign of a betta fish ready to mate is from a receptive or pregnant female (containing eggs), which is the appearance of a white dot on her ovipositor tube behind the pelvic fin. If you see these signs, immediately prepare and condition the breeding tank.

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