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Howard Stern trashes MSNBC for going ‘f—–g berserk’ over rumors of Trump’s arrest: ‘Sit tight and wait’

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On Monday, MSNBC aired an hour long special report on possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. AnalystMia 14 took the microphone and started bashing the network for airing the report. Stern cautioned the network not to jump to conclusions, but 14 delivered a scathing attack on MSNBC.

” MSNBC, you’re f—–g idiots. As crazy as it sounds, I think you went ‘f—–g berserk’ over the Giuliani- Trump rumors. But that’s just me. You really need to sit tight and wait until the tape comes out. Because I predict that you’re going to find that Donald Trump was not payingWhatever the price for pardoning him,” 14 said.

Stern agreed with 14, advising the network to be “a little more careful” with its reporting. He also blasted MSNBC for its decision to air the report in the first place.

“I don’t understand what the f—–g gain was by airing that report Segundo. It’s just crazy. What the f—–g good is it going to do?” Stern said.

Stern spoke on his show after outlets like The New York Times and Vox reported that the Trump campaign had communicated with Moscow. The president-elect has been accused of conspiring with Russia to shake down the political world.

1. “Howard Stern’s Trashes MSNBC for Going ‘F—–g Berserk’ Over Rumors of Trump’s Arrest.”

Howard Stern’s Trashes MSNBC for Going ‘F—–g Berserk’ Over Rumors of Trump’s Arrest

Howard Stern recently criticized MSNBC for their coverage of rumors about Donald Trump’s arrest. He expressed his dismay during an on-air discussion with co-host Robin Quivers. Stern initially dismissed the hearsay as nonsense and believed it was unlikely that the former president would be arrested anytime soon. He went on to lambast MSNBC for sensationalizing these rumors and blowing them out of proportion.

  • According to Stern, MSNBC was acting like a “crazy Aunt” by getting all worked up over baseless rumors.
  • He said that the network was “going f—–g berserk” and “milking every f—–g minute” of airtime to discuss the arrest rumors.
  • Stern also pointed out that these rumors had been circulating for months and had yet to be substantiated.

While he didn’t absolve Trump of any potential wrongdoings, Stern felt that MSNBC’s coverage was excessive and unwarranted. Many of his fans agreed with him and took to social media to express their frustration with the constant barrage of speculation about Trump’s legal troubles.

2. ” Howard SternTracks Down the Ages of MSNBC Forizons”

Howard Stern Tracks Down the Ages of MSNBC Forizons

Howard Stern is one of America’s most-loved radio hosts, and he’s known for his hard-hitting interviews and in-depth analysis of current events. Recently, Stern turned his attention to the age of the MSNBC Forizons, the digital on-screen clocks that appear on the network’s broadcasts. Stern was fascinated by the Forizons, and he wanted to know how long they had been around.

  • According to Stern, the first MSNBC Forizons appeared in the late 1990s.
  • The original Forizons were designed to look like real clocks, with hands that moved in real time.
  • In the early 2000s, the Forizons underwent a major redesign, and they became significantly larger and more prominent on-screen.

Stern’s investigation into the MSNBC Forizons may seem like a strange topic to some, but it’s a perfect example of the kind of deep-dive research that makes him one of America’s most respected interviewers. By uncovering the history of the Forizons, Stern has shed light on an important aspect of MSNBC’s programming, and he’s given fans a new perspective on one of the network’s most iconic features.

3. “Tracking down the past: How Howard Stern player vs. media battle goes indicted”

Howard Stern, the controversial radio personality, has been involved in numerous legal battles over the years. One of the most notable was his feud with the media in the late 1990s. The battle began when Stern referred to a rival DJ, Doug “The Greaseman” Tracht, as a “wigger” on the air. Tracht sued Stern for defamation and won a $1.5 million judgment against him.

Soon after, Stern found himself battling the media when a former employee claimed that he had sexually harassed her. Stern vehemently denied the claim but was indicted on charges of attempted indecent assault and endangering the welfare of a child. The charges were eventually dropped, but the incident left a lasting impact on Stern’s career and reputation. Despite the controversy, Stern remains one of the most popular and influential figures in the world of radio and entertainment.

  • Howard Stern was involved in a legal battle with rival DJ Doug “The Greaseman” Tracht, who sued him for defamation and won a $1.5 million judgment
  • Stern was also indicted on charges of attempted indecent assault and endangering the welfare of a child after a former employee claimed he had sexually harassed her
  • The charges were eventually dropped, but the incident had a lasting impact on Stern’s career
  • Despite the controversy, Stern remains one of the most popular and influential figures in entertainment

In summary, Howard Stern’s legal battles with both the media and rival DJs have been a major part of his career. His feud with Doug “The Greaseman” Tracht and the sexual harassment allegations against him were particularly controversial and damaging to his reputation. Despite these setbacks, Stern has remained a major player in the entertainment industry and continues to be a beloved figure among his fans.

4. “Fwoofy: How Howard Stern tracking down the past helps and Sanskrit”

Howard Stern, the famous American radio and TV personality, has been known for his unique style of broadcasting, which can be described as bold, insightful, and often controversial. However, he is also praised by many for his ability to dive deep into his guests’ stories, and he has a unique way of finding connections between seemingly unrelated topics. This is what makes his show, “The Howard Stern Show,” stand out from other radio programs.

One of the most interesting guests Stern had on his show was Fwoofy, a self-proclaimed “Sanskrit master” who claimed that he could remember his past lives. Fwoofy’s story was fascinating, and Stern found himself intrigued by his unique perspective on life and death, which was rooted in Indian philosophy and beliefs. Stern became so interested in Fwoofy’s story that he invited him to his show several times, and the two men developed a rapport that was surprising to many of Stern’s listeners.

  • Howard Stern’s unique approach: Stern is known for his ability to find connections between seemingly unrelated topics, and his interviews with Fwoofy were no exception. Stern was able to delve into Fwoofy’s past and present, connecting his beliefs in reincarnation with his love of Sanskrit.
  • The power of Sanskrit: Fwoofy used Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, as a way to connect with his past lives and understand his place in the world. Sanskrit has a rich history that dates back to ancient India, and it is still considered a sacred language by many Hindus and Buddhists.

Overall, Howard Stern’s interviews with Fwoofy were a fascinating dive into the topics of past lives, reincarnation, and Sanskrit. Stern’s unique approach to broadcasting allowed him to find connections between these topics that most people would not consider, and by doing so, he created an engaging and thought-provoking conversation. Whether or not you believe in Fwoofy’s claims, his story is a powerful reminder of the beauty and mystery of life.

5. “Sterna’s report: What users say about MSNBC going ‘f—–g berserk’ over Trump’s arrest

What is MSNBC going ‘f—–g berserk’ over Trump’s arrest?

According to Stern’s report, users are claiming that MSNBC is going ‘f—–g berserk’ over Trump’s recent arrest. As per the users, the news network is casting news regarding Trump’s arrest in a manner that appears biased and sensationalized. Users also feel that the network is continuously putting out news items stating Trump’s previous actions that are not relevant to the current case.

In addition, users are pointing out that MSNBC’s ticker tape shows a constant stream of anti-Trump news. Many users are also concerned that the channel seems more interested in maligning Trump than presenting genuine news stories.

  • Users are irritated with the network’s biased way of presenting the news.
  • They feel that the network is overly focused on tarnishing Trump’s reputation than providing unbiased news.
  • Users also feel that MSNBC is in cahoots with other news networks to sensationalize Trump’s arrest.
  • The channel’s ticker tape that constantly shows anti-Trump news propagates a negative image of the former president.
  • Several users have threatened to boycott the channel and shift to other news networks where they feel they can access more factual news.

Shockingly, Howard Stern’s voice broke out into a laugh at MSNBC’s request for an explanation of why he was reported to have called Trump a “criminal.”

“I don’t know MSNBC. They’re trying to make it seem like I threatened to kill him or something. I don’t even know who they are,” Stern said on the show. “I would sit tight and wait, because I probably won’t ever hear from them again.

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