Humans need nuclear fission reactors if they want to inhabit Mars

JAKARTA – Humans have long explored a number of planets that can be inhabited by humans, one of which is the nearest planet Mars. It turns out planet Mars can be inhabited by humans on the condition that they must create their own planetary magnetic field.

In research published in Arxiv, researchers say Mars doesn’t have a magnetic field like Earth’s, so humans had to create it if they wanted to establish a colony on the red planet.

“This research includes issues that determine the design, where to place the magnetic field generator and possible construction strategies,” the researchers were quoted as saying India Times, Friday (11/26/2021).

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To achieve terraforming agar Mars Inhabitable by humans, must first raise the atmospheric pressure above Armstrong’s limit. This is the threshold that allows humans to survive without a pressure suit.

According to scientists, there are several ways that can be done to make it happen. Start by creating a continuous solid magnetic loop or using a source chain coupled with a controlled beam or plasma torus.

“This method is not easy because it takes a very large amount of energy equivalent to 10 to 17 joules, this is equivalent to the debfab of energy consumed by humans on earth,” said the researcher.

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To use this method would mean that humans would have to build nuclear fission reactors as a source of electricity, something that was necessary for colonization after all, scientists say.

According to researchers, with a new era of exploration space that is taking place, it is time to start thinking about new future concepts.

“The principles explored here also apply to small-scale objects such as manned spacecraft, space stations or moon bases, which would benefit from the creation of this protective mini magnetosphere,” he said.



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