Hyundai Uses Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot Dog As A Factory Guardian

Hyundai uses a Spot robot dog at a factory in South Korea, a real handyman security guard.

Robots have made huge strides in recent years. With recent technologies, they are particularly able to act as security guards on complex sites such as factories. This is precisely the use made by the automobile manufacturer Hyundai, using the services of the chien robot de Boston Dynamics, Spot.

Hyundai uses Spot robot dog at plant in South Korea

Spot is probably Boston Dynamics’ best-known creation to date. Lately we have started to hear about many real life use cases of this robot dog. For example, in 2020, at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Singapore government deployed several Spot robots to remind people to respect social distancing.

Today, it looks like the robot dog has found a new job, this time as a security guard at Hyundai. This is part of a large pilot program that Hyundai is setting up at a Kia plant in South Korea. The robot’s mission will be to patrol the entire complex in search of possible fires, abnormal temperatures and will even serve as a guard at night to ensure the safety of the site.

A real all-rounder security guard

The version of Spot used by Hyundai is slightly modified from the base Boston Dynamics Spot. The robot dog is notably equipped with more sensors and tools, such as a thermal camera, a LiDAR system, higher computing power as well as the possibility for plant employees to take control of the robot remotely to go to study. certain specific areas of the complex.

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That being said, this is only a pilot program. Hyundai will study the effectiveness of such a robot on this site before deciding whether or not to deploy it at its other factories. Pretty cool, indeed, but we can’t help imagining a future in which robots would take control over humans to build more and more robots for their own account …

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