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Monday 17 January, 2022

The midfielder confessed to having been addicted to money and that he did not mind being a constant on the Barcelona bench as long as he became a millionaire. The player had steps at Arsenal, where he shone and currently plays for Association Sportive Arta/Solar 7 of Djibouti.

Alex Song, a 34-year-old striker, commented on his addiction to money when he played for Arsenal. He was a teammate of Alexis Sánchez between 2012 and 2014 when he was at Barcelona, ​​although he did not have much prominence, but he felt comfortable being a millionaire in the ‘culé’ team.

“Most footballers live beyond their means. I was at Arsenal for eight years, but only started making a good living in the last four. That was because my salary went up a lot, but also because I realized how wasteful I was. When I first joined them, I was earning €15,000 a week. He was a young boy and he was ecstatic,” the attacker said in a conversation he had with the Instagram account of NBA player Pascal Siakam.

During his time at Arsenal he scored just nine goals in the eight seasons he was there, but still managed to be a figure in the Premier League. However, greed made him want more money and compare his salary with that of his peers.

«I wanted to rub shoulders with the greats. I could shop wherever I wanted and spend crazy nights. I would go to training and see Thierry Henry, the King, show up with a real gem of a car. I told myself that I wanted the same car at all costs. I went to the dealership, signed the papers and the loan, and so I had the same car as him. But I swear I had to return it two months later. All my money was being spent filling it up with gas. I told them: ‘Give me a Toyota, this car is too much for me,’” he said.

«The day after I went to train, Thierry asked me: ‘Where is your car, son?’ I told him that he is on a higher level than me. During all my time at Arsenal, I couldn’t even save 100,000 euros, while people thought I must be a millionaire.”

In 2012, Barcelona, ​​which at that time was the best team in the world, contacted him offering him more money, something that completely seduced Alex. In his two seasons with the azulgrana he barely played 63 games in which he scored a goal.

“When Barcelona offered me a contract and I saw how much I would earn, I didn’t think twice. I felt that my wife and children should have comfortable lives once I finish my degree. I met the sports director of Barça and he told me that I would not play many games, but I did not care, I knew that now I would become a millionaire. I didn’t give a shit about being a bench warmer at the Camp Nou for the money I earned,” he said.

The attacker currently plays for the unknown Association Sportive Arta/Solar 7 from Djibouti, the club with which he won the first division in 2021. Previously he also had steps for West Ham, Rubin Kazan from Russia and Sion from Switzerland.

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