Ibrahimovic is unclear about the future, dedicating the title to Raiol

Star striker Zlatan Ibrahimović has yet to decide whether to continue his career next season. The 40-year-old Swedish shooter stated this after Sunday’s 3-0 win over Sassuola’s course, after which the “Rossoneri” won the Italian title after 11 years. Ibrahimovic dedicated his twelfth league trophy to agent player Mina Raiol.

“It’s the first trophy I’ve won without Mina. This title is for her.” Ibrahimovic said in an interview with DAZN TV network. Raiola has been a longtime star striker and has helped her achieve a successful career, as well as her return to San Siro. In late April, she succumbed to an unspecified illness at the age of 54.

Ibrahimović has also been in the last AC Milan scudetto so far in the 2010/11 season and has fulfilled promises he made to fans after his return in early 2020. “Some people laugh at that, but now I stand here as a cool champion. I’ve suffered a lot for this cup, so I feel very satisfied.” said an experienced striker who, despite frequent injuries, scored eight goals this season in Serie A.

In addition to the AC title, he has won three of his career with Inter, four in the French league with PSG, celebrated twice in the Netherlands and Ajax and has won the Spanish and Barcelona titles. But Ibrahimovic does not yet know if he will try to defend himself with “Rossoneri”.

“First, I have to make sure I’m healthy. I’ll decide, I’ll tell you many days.” added a native of Malmö.

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