“I’m going to win it” – Sheamus will make history at the 2022 Royal Rumble

Can Sheamus win his second Royal Rumble ten years after the last? That is what the Celtic warrior has in his plans.

The Irish superstar won the 2012 Rumble by last eliminating Chris Jericho. He would go on to defeat Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 28 for the World Heavyweight Championship. Surprisingly, the fight only lasted 18 seconds.

The former champion of the WWE recently sat down with TV Insider’s Scott Fishman ahead of this weekend’s Royal Rumble live premium event to talk about the historic event. When asked about the upcoming Rumble on Saturday night, The Celtic Warrior made it clear that he’s coming to St. Louis to win it all.

“I’m going to win it. There’s no question about that,” Sheamus revealed. “It has been 10 years. I only realized a couple of weeks ago that it was the same city, on the same day. All the stars are aligned. I think right now I’m better than I was in 2012 in ability inside the ring. I’m really looking forward to seeing who I’m going to throw over the top rope and how far.”

Sheamus reflects on winning his first Royal Rumble match 10 years ago

Sheamus’ victory at the 2012 Royal Rumble is one of the greatest achievements of his career. During this interview, he revealed that he had a very stressful day before that match.

“I was entering the biggest moment of my career and I woke up with a stye in my eye,” Sheamus revealed. “It was the most stressful thing in my life. It baffled me most of the day. (…) I have won several championships, but not many people can say that he won the Royal Rumble. For me, in the grand scheme of things, becoming a Royal Rumble winner is the hardest thing to do.”

What do you think of the comments of The Celtic Warrior? Do you think he has a chance of winning the 2022 Men’s Royal Rumble? Let us know your thoughts by ringing in the comments section below.

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