In Peñuelas, expired vaccines against COVID-19 are administered to about 120 people

At least 120 residents of Peñuelas received expired vaccines against the COVID-19 last October 30 in two schools in this municipality.

The information emerged publicly today in a complaint issued by Mayor Gregory González Souchet, although the official notified that the Department of Health is already aware of and began an investigation of this situation.

“Today a school principal contacted our health educator (to report the matter),” said the mayor.

He indicated that teachers and relatives have informed them that they have received calls from Health notifying them that they should be vaccinated again since the product they recently received was expired.

In written statements sent to this newspaper, Lisdián Acevedo, Health press spokesperson, reported that the agency communicated today with all incorrectly vaccinated patients at a vaccination center in Peñuelas.

“The unfortunate event was notified to the CDC and, following its recommendation, the group should be vaccinated immediately to obtain the necessary protection against COVID-19”, it was informed.

Acevedo reported, for his part, that the provider that administered the vaccines in question obtained them through a federal program and is not authorized to vaccinate or will receive vaccines assigned to Health.

“Everyone (of those affected) got desperate and started calling (the Peñuelas city council),” said González Souchet, who commented that the expired shipment was of Pfizer vaccines.

According to Acevedo, this event was referred for the corresponding investigation, as has been done with other cases, although he did not elaborate on which others.

He added that the municipality’s greatest concern is the possible adverse effects that may have arisen among those vaccinated. However, to date, he indicated that no significant adverse effects have been reported, although strong reactions to the vaccine have been reported, which those inoculated considered to be a normal part of the process.

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“We are verifying all the affected people to file complaints in the pertinent state and federal forums, so that this is not repeated,” added the mayor, who reported that affected people can communicate to the COVID-monitoring and Tracking Office. 19 from Peñuelas at 787-709-0760.

A source from this newspaper, meanwhile, commented that this is not an isolated case, but a recurring situation of the use of expired vaccines in municipalities in the south and west of the island.

For his part, doctor Víctor Ramos, president of the Medical College, commented that administering expired vaccines violates the contract with the CDC as it is not the correct use of this product.

“The provider and the patient are left unprotected (if adverse effects occur with expired vaccines),” he said.


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