In the first qualifying match of the World Championship, the Lithuanians gave in to the Swiss

The Lithuanian national team started the selection for the 2023 World Women’s Football Championship in Tunis with a match against one of the G group favorites – the Swiss team.

The Swiss had control of the ball during all the matches, but they had a hard time breaking through the Lithuanian defense. In the first half, the hosts were happy with the goals of Alisha Lehmann and Coumbos Sow, and Anna Marija Crnogorčevič’s goal shot was missed due to a sideline.

In the second half, the Lithuanians had to concentrate their defenses again, but in the 50th minute they managed to effectively realize the svo attack. The author of our first goal in this selection cycle was Rimantė Jonušaitė, who disarmed the Swiss goalkeeper Gaëlle Thalmann with a long shot.

Later, the rivals made a series of shots towards the Lithuanian goal, but the selfless game of the defenders and Greta Lukjančukė did not allow the Swiss to easily decide the course of the match. Only in the 65th minute, the brightest Swiss football star Ramona Bachmann overcame the Lithuanian defense and widened the gap between the Swiss. During the match time added by the referee, Svenja Fölmli recorded the final result 4: 1.

The Lithuanian national team will play the next match of the group on September 21 in Mogosaya against the Romanian footballers. The selection of the future Lithuanian rival for the World Championship started with the victory 2: 0 against the Croatians.

Match statistics: Switzerland – Lithuania 4: 1 (2: 0)

Stockhorn Arena, Referee – Victoria Beyer (France)

Goals: 15 min. Alisha Lehmann, 33 min. Coumba Sow, 65 min. Ramona Bachmann, 90 + 2 min. Svenja Fölmli (Switzerland); 50 min. Rimantė Jonušaitė

Warned: 28 min. Milda Liužinaitė, 90 + 3 min. Monika Grikšaitė (Lithuania)

Composition of the Lithuanian national team: Greta Lukjančukė, Algimantė Mikutaitė, Milda Liužinaitė, Monika Piesliakaitė, Vestina Neverdauskaitė (85 min. Lolita Žižytė), Oksana Imanalijeva (74 min. Loreta Rogačiova), Simona Petravičienė, Liucija Vaitukaitytė, Dovilė (61 min. Paulina Sarkanaitė), Rimantė Jonušaitė (85 min. Monika Grikšaitė). In stock: Klaudija Savickaitė, Meda Šeškutė, Gabija Toropovaitė, Greta Valikonienė, Vitalija Žatkina, Karilė Liužinaitė.

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