In which pathologies can Emoc be applied?

The advancement of this technique allows physicians to use it in different pathologies.

The use of the system Oxygenation by Extracorporeal Membrane, better known as Ecmo, has become one of the most developed techniques in the critical patient field. From the Spanish Society of Intensive and Critical Medicine and Coronary Units (Semicyuc) emphasize the possibility offered by this system to treat different types of pathologies, such as cardiorespiratory arrests.

The ecmo technique thus allows to perform the frespiratory anointing and cleanse the blood to patients with pulmonary insufficiency. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated and it is a great alternative, but it requires a correct assessment of the patient, as well as the use by personnel expressly trained to handle these equipment. In addition, its use is not limited to the intra-hospital environment, but has saved many lives in recent years thanks to its use in out-of-hospital systems, both land and air.

The advancement of this technique allows physicians to use it in different pathologies, one of them being cardiorespiratory arrest. As pointed out Jorge Duerto, a doctor at the Hospital Clínica San Carlos, “in those patients with refractory arrest it is possible to consider the use of Ecmo, which can improve survival to hospital discharge.”

In this way, Semicyuc has established the bases for drafting the future protocols action that Intensivist doctors must attend to apply the Emoc system in their patients. These protocols must also require a high level of intra and extra-hospital coordination and, of course, be accompanied by effective early detection and quality initial CPR.

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In what other pathologies can the Ecmo system be applied?

From the Spanish Society of Intensive and Critical Medicine and Coronary Units have also highlighted the possibility of applying the use of the Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation system in high-risk pulmonary embolism patients. In this case, it is essential to have a specific code, such as the one already used in hospitals such as Bellvitge (Barcelona).

Another pathology where the Ecmo system has shown its benefits is the treatment in patients with refractory septic shock. Thus, the Intensive Care Medicine Association has underlined that a higher survival rate has already been described if this therapy is used in the context of patients with myocarditis associated with sepsis, especially if it is started early.

As in other pathologies, having an action protocol is key for healthcare professionals, as well as knowing how to distinguish which patients are most suitable for this technique.

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