Incontestable Toms Rufo: four ears and a tail in Talavera

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Saturday September 18, 2021. ‘La Caprichosa’ bullring in Talavera de la Reina. Bullfight for the feast of San Mateo. Full of “no tickets” (75%). Rejones bulls by Guiomar Corts de Moura, hondos and collaborators, and by Daniel Ruiz, well presented although with uneven play. Manageable as a whole, of higher quality 3.

Diego Ventura, in a black short suit. Three punctures, rear axle and two pith blows (greetings). In the fourth, two punctures and a low grille (two ears).

El Juli, of bull’s blood and gold. Jab and rear lunge (greetings upon request). In the fifth, rear lunge (two ears).

Toms Rufo, in navy blue and gold. Detached lunge (two ears). In the sixth, big lunge (two ears and tail).

It was impressive to enter the Talavera bullring at the rush hour of the celebration. An image of prepandemic, the laying completely set. The regulations of Castilla y La Mancha already allow 75% of the capacity. The feeling of fullness made him happy at the pull Toms Rufo has at this moment. The businessman from La Caprichosa signed him with two figures, each one doing his own thing. The fans responded mass to the first run after the perfect alternative of his countryman last week in Valladolid.

For the presentation in his land as a bullfighter, a well-presented run by Daniel Ruiz was chosen, with a loose cloth for this square. Ahead Rufus released the flights to the third party who humiliated with good son. The cloak salute drew a loud cheer. Also the exquisite remove by aprons. The class of Daniel Ruiz’s bull is diluted between his meek condition. The merit of the young sword lay in not getting bored despite the fact that between the attacks he was looking for an excuse to leave. Naturally, I caught a rhythm in several splendid batches. Already on a table, he signed a tight final by luquecinas of great popular depth.

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With the same pause he received the tall and brazen sixth of the Albacete currency. Despite its uphill conformation, it fell off the hook. In the remove for chicuelinas he showed his counted power. The task, offered to heaven, was a compendium of intelligence and passion. He perfectly managed Daniel Ruiz’s bull to take advantage of his good son one by one, when he wanted to bind he won. Rufo exposed a lot, crossed the opposing python and passed it over his belly very settled. Your people roar. The chords of Flamenco Shell accompanied the play. Also on the right python, without rapier, accompanying the attack from the vertical. The thrust to the ribbons shot the excitement to the award of a tail. Rotunda arrival to the upper echelon with a dreamy alternative and an undeniable first afternoon.

In such a Joselitist setting, El Juli gave the ninth lesson of his career as a teacher. He had to activate his extensive catalog of knowledge to extract the best of the fifth. First, I picked it up in the cape, giving it room to sign a beautiful vernic stocking. He brushed roughly down the left python in the opening bars of the task and El Juli imposed himself on the basis of submission. Once it was possible, I played it at pleasure in relaxed natives, with a great gathering. He went after the sword like a bullfighter to claim the triumph.

Based on his determination, he achieved moments of great bonding with the unemployed first, who was simply noble. The ear request was in a closed ovation that greeted from the third.

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Diego Ventura gave a complete show before the deep and beloved room of Guiomar Corts de Moura who received two rounds of punishment. Impressive was the two-lane gallop and the twists on Bronze until he took his head off to go head-to-head for the bull and change it at the last moment. The emotional performance it was not well finished off with the death grille but both ears were awarded. Some trophy would lose in the base and first accorded with which it was intoned except with the death grille and the pithing.

The shortlist left La Caprichosa on their shoulders and at the exit, under the centuries-old magnolias that protect its walls, the fans embraced each other with the emotion of having a new figure in this region so bullfighting.

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