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Indian rescuers scour site of deadly avalanche for any more victims

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When India’s Supreme Court legalized the sports of avalanche danger in the Indian parched northeast in 2013, the rescuers of the tragedy’s dead and survivors were anxious to find more victims.

Since then, the government and rescue teams have campaigned tirelessly to clear avalanche paths and landslide-prone slopes before ski resorts canada, and helped build safer avalanche-racted infrastructure in the areas.

Today, there are almost 100 avalanche-related fatalities in India every year, and a furtherundreds of missing, due to the dangers of avalanches.

But the Indian rescuers still feel the tug of the tragedy’s lost families. One fatality here, one there, and the sense that what started as a daring back-country pursuits has become their personal quest for justice.


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In recent weeks, two other people have died andauava people have become more vigilant Squad members

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Remember, we are all responsible for our own safety and well-being. By being aware, alert, and proactive, we can help keep ourselves and our community safe.

James Nielsen and John Chyuna, the head offalls and avalanche

James Nielsen and John Chyuna are the head of Falls and Avalanche hazard division. They are both experienced professionals who have dedicated their lives to making mountains safer for everyone.

With a team of experts, James and John assess the risks of falls and avalanches in the mountains, the impact these hazards could have, and provide recommendations on how to mitigate them. Their work involves constant research on the latest technology and techniques to improve safety in mountainous areas. As a result, they have developed and implemented innovative strategies for preventing falls and avalanches that have helped save countless lives over the years.

Their dedication to making mountains safer is a testament to their professionalism and expertise. Together, James and John have established a world-class team that is committed to ensuring the safety of all who enjoy the beauty of our mountains. They are true leaders in their field and an inspiration to all who aspire to create a safer world. Rescuers search avalanche site for any more victims

On Monday, avalanche survivors and rescue workers were scouring the slopes of a mountain in Uttarakhand for any more victims. A powerful avalanche had swept around a ski resort in the region the previous day, causing over 80 people to lose their lives and leaving over 350 injured.

Ten days on and there are still few clues as to the cause of the avalanche. A group of Indian Lifesavers has already searched more than 20 centimeters of snow for any more survivors. But even if they find any, the odds are high that they will not be able to help. “There is danger in every effort we make,” Keeper of the Mountain Rescue Department, Govind Singh told reporters. “If we found any more bodies or survivors, it would be a tragedy.”

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