Indonesia: leader of IS-linked group killed in jungle on island

The leader of an Indonesian jihadist group linked to the Islamic State (IS) was killed in a shootout with security forces, Indonesian police said on Sunday.

Ali Kalora, leader of the Mujahideen of Eastern Indonesia (MIT), was killed Saturday in the jungle of the island of Celebes with another member identified as Jaka Ramadhan.

Police said they launched a manhunt to locate four other MIT members.

“We will keep looking until we catch them,” said Rudy Sufahriadi, police chief of Central Sulawesi province, on Sunday.

The shooting came two months after authorities shot dead two other alleged members of the group in a shooting in the same area of ​​Parigi Moutong in Sulawesi province.

Designated as a terrorist organization by the United States, MIT is one of dozens of radical groups in the Southeast Asian archipelago that have pledged allegiance to ISIS.

After hiding in the Sulawesi jungle for years, the network now has only a handful of members.

In the latest attack for which he was accused, four farmers were murdered – and one beheaded – in a remote village in May.

Ali Kalora took over as head of MIT after the country’s most wanted extremist Santoso, known as Abu Wardah, was killed by the military in 2016.


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