Ingenuity’s 3D rock image captured on Mars

The Ingenuity helicopter exploring Mars with the Perseverance rover has just captured a 3D image of the rock in Jezero Crater, Mars.

The Ingenuity helicopter has been doing well on the red planet so far, Mars. Ingenuity’s job is to help the Perseverance rover find the right route to explore. On the helicopter’s latest flight, the team from Earth managed to capture a 3D view of the new mound on Mars.

Reported from SlashGear (20/9), the pictures were taken on the 13th helicopter flight which took place on September 4. The main plan at that time was to explore the area of ​​Jezero Crater known as the “South Seitah” region. And the specific geological target for this mission was called “Faillefeu” by the Perseverance rover team.

Such that is displayed by NASA, the image is a composite image taken from a height of 26 feet, lower than the previous photo Ingenuity also took. The rock formation in the image is about 33 feet wide and looks slightly north of the center of the image.

The image also shows the common sand ripples in the area. NASA says the image is best viewed with red-blue 3D glasses. A stereo image is created by combining data from two separately captured images using the Ingenuity color camera.

On the other hand, NASA recently anticipated Ingenuity would struggle to fly as the seasons on Mars change. This is due to the lower atmospheric density as the seasons change. To overcome these obstacles, NASA hopes to increase the rotor speed of the helicopter in order to maintain its capabilities.

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