Insurance business news, OIC prepares to issue relief measures

Penetrate our 7HD news issues. Continue to follow up with problems in the insurance business. who are facing important challenging situations From the loss of covid-19 insurance, there are 3-4 companies are facing financial liquidity problems. Make the Office of Supervision and Promotion Insurance business or OIC prepares to offer relief measures to enhance liquidity Supporting an insurance company that is in trouble

In the case where there is information that the auditor Auditing of The 1’s financial statements during the year 2019 to 2020 found that the maintenance of capital funds of companies referred to the Office of Insurance Commission or OIC shows low capital values ​​maintained by the company. than the capital maintenance framework according to the level of risk under The Non-Life Insurance Act B.E. 2535 has been clarified by the company’s executives The problem has been solved and the OIC has checked that there is no problem.

Although many companies face problems from insurance against COVID-19, the OIC has confirmed that there is no risk in the insurance system because there is always risk assessment. ready to reassure people will receive compensation even in the worst case with insurance companies unable to continue because there is money in the non-life insurance fund

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