Inter Primavera, 3 points and primacy: Casadei (x2) and Iliev stretch Bologna

Corsair victory in Casteldebole for the Nerazzurrini from Chivu, who beat the Rossoblu 3-1

Mattia Zangari

September 19

Inter Primavera climbs to high altitude with Caesar Casadei, the man capable of giving the lead in the standings after breaking down the wall of Bologna with two air blitzes between 59 ‘and 65’: the Ravenna player, a specialist in the insertions with the lights off, was good at translating two crosses from the always precious Carboni into the net, unlocking a match that Chivu’s team won with patience. The 3-0 Nerazzurri brought the signature of the Bulgarian Iliev, good at wetting the season debut with a goal on one of the many descents on the right lane of the inexhaustible Zanotti. Rossoblu Cossalter, on a penalty, the point of the final 3-1.


94 ‘- There is no more time, the curtain falls in Casteldebole! Three points and primacy for Inter Primavera: Casadei (brace) and Iliev’s seal spread Bologna 3-1, scoring in recovery, on a penalty, with Cossalter.

92 ‘- GOAL OF BOLOGNA! Cossalter beats Rovida who also sensed the shot from 11 meters.

91′ – Penalty for Bologna: Grygar recklessly tripped Raimondo in the area.

90 ‘- Assigned 3’ of recovery.

88 ‘- INTER TRIO WITH ILIEV! The inexhaustible Zanotti still does everything, gaining the bottom line and putting a ball only to turn in goal for the Bulgarian. Which scores and thanks the man in the field.

85′ – Carboni’s cross on advertising billboards after a persistent action by Inter.

82′ – Space also for Cortinovis and Abiuso, outside Hoti and Jurgens.

80′ – MIRACULOUS LIFEGUARDS! Intervention of pure instinct by the Bolognese goalkeeper who says no to Jurgens’ shot without fail

77′ – Iliev tries a high school number in the rossoblu area, gets a corner.

75′ – Casadei tries to serve Jurgens with a through ball in the area. Cut-out of the Bolognese defense.

73′ – WHAT A THRILL IN THE INTERIST AREA! Rovida tinkles a bit too much with the ball between his feet, Raimondo almost snatches it from him but has to surrender to the reactivity of the goalkeeper who recovers by remedying his mistake.

70′ – Zanotti irrepressible: even Annan, just entered, must resort to the foul to stop him. Yellow for 77 rossoblu.

69′ – Jurgens eats the trio! Inter rides the right wing with Zanotti, good at catching the bottom and crossing at the near post for the Estonian. Which is not Casadei and wastes hitting Bagnolini with his head.

66′ – Triple change for the hosts: in Arnofoli, Urbanski and Annan.

65 & # 39; – CASADEI HAS DONE IT AGAIN, DOUBLE INTER! Action photocopy 6 ‘after the goal of the advantage: cross that comes out of Carboni’s sweet left foot and a diving header by Casadei that pierces Bagnolini for the second time.

63′ – Raimondo stopped by Rovida first, and then by the assistant’s flag: offside.

62′ – The other Casadei, Jacopo of Bologna, replies: Rovida saves in a safe grip.

60′ – Double change for Chivu: Fabbian and Owusu enter for Sangalli and Goffi.

59 & # 39; – CASADEI GIVES INTER ADVANTAGE, THE MATCH IS UNLOCKED! Zanotti breaks through on the right, crosses in the middle for a teammate. On the other side, Carboni bursts in and crosses for the winning tower of number 8.

57′ – INTER OPPORTUNITY! Zanotti’s cross and countercross in the space of a second, Goffi tries in a crash but fails to worry Bagnolini.

55′ – The Bologna faces after a long time in attack, earning a corner. Badly beaten, Zanotti sweeps a side foul.

54′ – Clumsy fails to keep the ball in play, despite engaging with a slip. It starts with a goal kick for Bologna.

52′ – Chivu recalls Peschetola on the bench, the seasonal debut for Iliev arrives.

51′ – Pagliuca’s match ends, inside Pyyhtia: first change for Bologna.

50′ – Zanotti, shrewd on the occasion, anticipates Pagliuca who then landslide on him. It starts with a free kick for Inter in midfield.

48′ – Second fraction broken down at a slow pace, with the usual script: Inter play the game, Bologna defends everything behind the line of the ball.

46′ – No change at half-time: on the field the same 22 players who closed the first fraction.

14.05 – Broken down, the second half of Bologna-Inter Primavera begins!

14.02 – Inter goal network problem, the second half postponed by a few minutes.

13.47 – First half played in only one half of the pitch in Casteldebole, where Inter Primavera forced Bologna on the defensive for 45 minutes. Chivu’s team has not built many chances, but has toyed with the idea of ​​the advantage at least twice, first with Goffi (goal canceled because Zanotti’s cross arrived after the ball had crossed the line) and then with Jurgens (crossbar hit with a stunt in the area).

45 ‘- Double whistle from Gianluca Grasso, the first half of Bologna-Inter Primavera ends here! Inter’s solo in Casteldebole, where Chivu’s team only missed the goal, especially with Jurgens in the 40th minute (crossbar).

44′ – Bologna tries a rare offensive action, but is rejected with a loss by Inter.

42′ – Amey cancels Carboni’s cross: throw-in with his hands in an offensive position for Inter. That wastes everything, offside reporting.

40′ – CROSS OF JURGENS! Goffi’s perfect cross with the left-handed for the Estonian stunt shot: ball on the high post with Bagnolini beaten.

39′ – Tour from the flag for Inter, who are militarily occupying the Bolognese trocar field.

38′ – Bologna gets away with averting the danger on yet another cross from Carboni from the left.

36′ – Lopsided cross by Zanotti, who takes it out on himself by returning to defense.

35′ – There are so many crossings by Carboni, just today that Abiuso bomber is sitting on the bench.

33′ – Bagnolini takes Carboni’s cross in high grip.

32′ – Inter surrounds the Bologna area, forced to defend themselves with ten players behind the ball line.

31′ – Carboni’s cross shot! Bagnolini must use his fists to push back.

30′ – The half hour strikes in Casteldebole, where a good 10 ‘has been played only in the Bologna half of the pitch.

28′ – Too deep the launch for Peschetola, ball in Bagnolini’s hands.

27′ – Inter slowly comes forward, now taking a throw-in with Zanotti at the level of the trocar.

25′ – Only Inter have been on the pitch for a few minutes, Bologna is holding up for now.

23′ – The triangulation near the Bologna area between Jurgens and Gyrgar does not close. Excellent reading of the rossoblu defense, now decidedly solicited by the opponents.

21′ – Potential opportunity for Inter! Cross with counted laps calibrated by Carboni on the far post, where the usual Casadei emerges who, with his head, does not get there by centimeters.

20′ – Grygar stops Bologna’s restart with an effective slip.

18′ – SANGALLI COMMITS BAGNOLINI! The first shot on goal of the match is by the Inter captain, a mid-height blow that forces the Bolognese goalkeeper to be rejected.

17′ – Inter commands the operations and now gains meters thanks to the change of play by Carboni who yields a throw-in with his hands near the corner flag.

15′ – The quarter of an hour of play has come in Casteldebole: zero emotions, apart from the action of the goal canceled in Goffi.

14′ – Raimondo almost slips between Moretti and Rovida, who is in the right place at the right time to retrieve the ball safely.

12′ – Jacopo Casadei goes … Ball in Rovida’s mouth.

11′ – Hoti intervenes with a hammer foot in the contrast with Jacopo Casadei and becomes the first yellow card of the match.

10′ – NOT WORTH THE GOAL OF INTER! The volley of Goffi who kisses the crossbar and ends up in the goal came after the ball crossed into the area by Zanotti had crossed the end line.

9′ – Zanotti understands Pagliuca’s intentions, snatches the ball from him and then suffers a foul that blocks his restart.

8′ – The attempt from the flag fails, then Goffi buffers an opponent and commits a foul on attack.

7′ – Mess in Bologna’s defensive zone: free corner kick for Inter.

5′ – First descent on Carboni’s left, a cutting weapon for Chivu’s team. Here, however, the number 6 fails to break through.

4′ – Meaningless scheme of Bologna, ball given to Inter.

3′ – Zanotti derails against former teammate Wieser: interesting free kick for Bologna from 25 meters.

2′ – Bologna manages the ball, Inter raises the individual pressing with captain Sangalli and forces the opponents to make mistakes.

1′ – It is Bologna, in the classic red and blue colors, to move the first ball of the match. Inter today with the white away kit.

13.02 – Kick-off at Casteldebole, Bologna-Inter Primavera begins right now!

13.00 – Now the customary greetings, then tossing the coin to establish the first possession of the ball of the game and the occupation of the two halves.

12.59 – Here are the 22 protagonists who peep out on the pitch of the ‘Niccolò Galli’ technical center in Casteldebole.

12.54 – Ranking update: Cagliari, beating Fiorentina in the photo finish, rises to first place together with Roma.

12.50 – The referee direction of the match is entrusted to Gianluca Grasso, assisted by Luca Valletta and Nicola Tinello.

12.40 – After the draw with Real Madrid, Chivu praised the character of the team, underlining however his boys must improve in the management of the 90 ‘: “We have to work, not to get to this point. This is a team that has character but sometimes reacts a little ‘late after going under, and this is not good, because often when you resume the games in the end of the race the component of luck comes into play, beyond the character that the boys bring out and that they take longer than before . But luck sometimes turns wide: it is necessary to find the right stimuli, the character and the desire necessary at the beginning of the game “.

12.35 – Another 25 minutes of waiting and then it will be time for Bologna-Inter, stay here on not to miss the direct text of the match!

12.30 – A win and a draw in the first two games for the Nerazzurrini, who collected 3 of the 4 points they have in the standings in the final minutes: Carboni gave Chivu 3-2 against Atalanta in the 86th, Fabbian 3-3 with Fiorentina 6 ‘from the gong.

12.20 – Chivu changes half Inter compared to the European match on Wednesday: completely revolutionized midfield with Casadei-Sangalli-Grygar, in defense Moretti takes the place of Fontanarosa, finally Goffi gives breath to the top scorer Abiuso by completing an unprecedented trident with Peschetola and Jurgens. Instead, he confirms between the posts: there is Rovida, MVP with Real, but Botis is recovered and goes to the bench.


BOLOGNA: 1 Bagnolini, 5 Amey, 6 Stivanello, 8 Casadei, 9 Raimondo, 10 Pagliuca (C), 16 Corazza, 18 Onesti, 24 Wieser, 35 Pietrelli, 39 Motolese. Available: 40 Franzini, 3 Cavina, 4 Mihai, 7 Urbanski, 13 Arnofoli, 14 Karlsson, 21 Cossal, 23 Sigurpalsson, 26 Bartha, 33 Pyyhtia, 37 Paananen, 77 Annan.

Trainer: Luca Vigiani.

INTER: 1 Rovida; 2 Zanotti, 5 Hoti, 23 Moretti, 6 Carboni; 8 Casadei, 4 Sangalli (C), 25 Grygar; 7 Peschetola, 9 Jurgens, 11 Goffi. Available: 12 Basti, 21 Botis, 3 Cortinovis, 10 Iliev, 14 Fabbian, 15 Fontanarosa, 16 Cecchini Muller, 19 Silvestro, 22 Abiuso, 26 Mirarchi, 29 Pelamatti, 30 Owusu.

Trainer: Cristian Chivu.

12.15 – Fresh from equal in the Youth League won in extremis against the reigning champions Real Madrid, Inter Primavera copies for the second consecutive time the opponents of the first team challenging Bologna, in the match valid for the third day of the championship of the category. Cristian’s wish Chivu is also replicating the result of the greats to take first place alongside Roma, who yesterday scored a spectacular draw against Milan. From the Niccolò Galli technical center in Casteldebole, welcome to Bologna-Inter.

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