International Criminal Court reduces Ahmad Al Faqi’s sentence by two years

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The International Criminal Court decided on Thursday to reduce by two years the sentence of Ahmad Al Faqi Al Mahdi, former police chief of Ansar Dine ally of Al Qaeda, sentenced to 9 years imprisonment in 2015 for war crimes committed in Mali in 2012.

This sentence, thus revised, will be served on September 18, 2022, indicates a press release consulted by the Anadolu Agency.

According to the document, to reach this decision, judges Solomy Balungi Bossa, presiding judge, Marc Perrin de Brichambaut and Gocha Lordkipanidze, took into account several elements, such as the social instability that could cause an early release in the north of the Mali, the possibilities of resocialization and reintegration of Al Mahdi and the cooperation he has shown since he was handed over to the Court in September 2015.

“Bearing in mind the views expressed by the Republic of Mali and by the victims, the judges considered that the reduction should not apply to all of the time remaining to be served by Al Mahdi. Therefore, in view of today’s ruling, Al Mahdi will serve the remainder of his sentence until September 18, 2022, ”the press release explains.

He added that “the necessary arrangements for the release of Mr. Al Mahdi will be taken when the time comes”.

Al Faqi was convicted of a war crime on September 27, 2016 by Trial Chamber VIII for intentionally carrying out attacks on religious and historic buildings in Timbuktu, Mali, between June and July 2012.

Trial Chamber VIII sentenced him to nine years’ imprisonment. On August 17, 2017, Trial Chamber VIII issued a reparation order finding Al Mahdi liable for individual and collective reparations to be paid to the community of Timbuktu, the document continues.

As a reminder, Ahmed Al Faqi Al Mahdi, on October 13, apologized to the people of Timbuktu and the people of Mali for the crimes he had committed between 2012 and 2013 in northern Mali.
“I am here before you today to express to you and to the whole world my remorse, my sadness, my regrets to the people of Timbuktu, to my fellow citizens, to my country Mali, for the crimes I have committed. committed, ”said Ahmed Al Faqi Al Mahdi.
He further urged the International Criminal Court to grant him the opportunity to “translate this change into good deeds for peace”.

“I prepared to integrate into society. I learned new trades. I gained new experiences during my detention. Which improved my thinking, ”he hammered.

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