[International Swimming League]Played in 4×100 self-relay He Shibei recorded the 8th fastest split time in history

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[Sports Road News]Hong Kong “female flying fish” Siobhan (Siobhan) played in the third and final semi-finals of the 2021 International Swimming League (ISL) in Yanhoufen, the Netherlands on Thursday (25th). She swam the 8th fastest relay in the history in the women’s 4×100m freestyle relay and helped Energy Standard win the race by more than 3.50 seconds.

Siobhan first represented his own swimming team Energy Standard in the 4×100m freestyle relay. The 24-year-old port will not be responsible for the first shot as before. The swimming team was replaced by Femke Heemskerk to lead the team, but the Dutch swimmer only swam out. In 52 seconds and 49 seconds, he passed He Shibei in sixth place.

Siobhan, who won two silver medals in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, played an amazing speed after “into the water”. She completed the first 50 meters in 24 seconds 12, and finally completed the 100 meters in 50 seconds 70, easily leading the swimming team to first place; He Shibei swims This time is the 8th fastest split time in the history of the freestyle relay. Energy Standard has remained in the lead since then, and finally completed the event in 3:27.73, defeating the second DC Trident by nearly 4 seconds. Energy Standard also scored jackpot points on the other two teams in this relay, scoring a total of 24 points.

(Picture: Tilu Database)(Picture: Tilu Database)

(Picture: Tilu Database)

Siobhan later played 50 frogs, and she participated in this event in three consecutive races. In the previous two events, she got 4th and 3rd respectively. In this game, she swam 30 seconds 00 and then got 3rd. The time is slightly slower than the 29.92 recorded in the first game two weeks ago, but it is also a swimming. The team scored 5 points.

He Shibei then went on the field at 400. Siobhan, who was only 0.05 behind DC Trident swimmer Leah Neale in the first 50 meters, had already turned his opponent at 0.12 after finishing 100 meters. Siobhan’s follow-up secured the lead, and finally touched the pool first with 3:58.44, 3.09 faster than the next DC Trident swimmer Joanna Evans.

After completing the first day of the third semi-final, He Shibei ranked 5th on the MVP list with 28 points. Siobhan is expected to play 100 on the second day of Friday (26th). Since, and her strengths have been 200 since, she has never lost 200 games in ISL, and has a record of 15 wins in three seasons. .

There are 6 rounds in the semi-finals of ISL, and 8 swimming teams will compete in 3 rounds to compete for the top 4 to advance to the finals at the beginning of next month. The competition took place at the Hoogenbandt swimming pool in Yanhoffen, which was named after the famous Dutch swimmer and Olympic gold medalist Pieter van den Hoogenband (Pieter van den Hoogenband).

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