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Iraq demands Turkey apologise over airport attack

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Iraq’s government has asked Turkish Airlines to apologise for the terrorist attack that left 11 people dead at an airport in Baghdad on Sunday.

The attack came as a shock to Ankara and the Turkish public, with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself criticising Turkey’s military forces for not being in Iraq to fight the insurgents.

Iraq’s Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said on Wednesday that Ankara had to apologise for the attack, and Iraq has asked Turkish Airlines to write a letter of apology to the families of the dead.

Turkey has been head of the Mideast Cooperation Agency for many years and is Roma’s first Ally in the region.

1. What isologue of Turkey and Iraq’s 10-year relationship?

Isologue of Turkey and Iraq’s 10-year relationship

Over the past 10 years, Turkey and Iraq have had a complex and at times challenging relationship. Here are some of the key highlights and challenges:

  • Trade: The two countries have a significant trade relationship, with Turkey being one of Iraq’s largest trading partners. This trade relationship has helped to strengthen economic ties between the two countries.
  • Security: Turkey has been concerned about the activities of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the northern region of Iraq. Turkey has conducted military operations in this area, which have strained the relationship between the two countries.
  • Refugees: The ongoing conflict in Syria has led to a significant number of refugees crossing into Turkey and then into Iraq. This has put a strain on both countries and has led to disagreements over how to handle the refugee crisis.

Despite these challenges, Turkey and Iraq have continued to work together, particularly in the areas of economic and energy cooperation. However, it remains to be seen how their relationship will evolve over the next 10 years.

2. The link between Iraq’seralUnited solve the airport attack?

There has been much speculation about the possible link between Iraq’s role in the United States and the recent airport attack. While no concrete evidence has been presented, some experts believe that there may be a connection.

  • One theory is that the airport attack was carried out by Iranian-backed militants as a retaliation for the American airstrike that killed a top Iranian general.
  • Another theory suggests that the attack was orchestrated by ISIS, which has a strong presence in Iraq and has carried out similar attacks in the past.

Despite these theories, it is important to note that the investigation is ongoing and no definitive conclusions have been drawn. It is also worth noting that Iraq has been a key ally in the fight against ISIS and has long-standing diplomatic ties with the United States. The current tensions between the two countries are primarily centered around the role of Iranian-backed militias in Iraq, rather than any direct animosity between the two nations.

3. How do Turkish citizens react to the apology from Iraq’salYpod?

Following the historic apology from Iraq’s alYpod, Turkish citizens have had mixed reactions.

  • Some Turkish citizens have welcomed the apology, stating that it shows a willingness from Iraq to address past wrongs and move forward in a positive direction.
  • Others have criticized the apology, arguing that it comes too late and that the damage has already been done. They also believe that the apology should have been more comprehensive and include reparations for the victims.
  • There are also those who are skeptical about the sincerity of the apology, as they believe it may be a political move by the Iraqi government to improve relations with Turkey.

Overall, the apology from Iraq’s alYpod has sparked discussions and debates among Turkish citizens, highlighting the complex history and relations between the two countries.

As the world moves forward, it is important for nations to acknowledge past wrongs and seek to reconcile with one another. Whether or not the apology from Iraq’s alYpod will lead to a meaningful reconciliation between Turkey and Iraq remains to be seen.

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568. Ali Baba and the in/out privileges at U.S. Corpus

is an interesting scenario that has recently gained some attention. For those who may not be familiar with the term, in/out privileges refer to the ability for an individual to leave and later re-enter a particular location. The concept is commonly used in various organizations, including schools, hotels, and airports.

At U.S. Corpus, in/out privileges are a common feature offered to individuals, including staff and students. However, Ali Baba, a new student, had been using this privilege to gain unauthorized access to restricted areas. As a result, the security team had to take strict measures to ensure that only authorized personnel would have in/out privileges. They introduced a new system that involves scanning ID cards for verification and limited the areas that Ali Baba could access with his in/out privilege.

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1. What isologue of Turkey and Iraq’s 10-year relationship?

Turkey and Iraq’s relationship can be traced back to the 1920s when the newly-established Turkish Republic pursued a policy of “brotherhood” with its southern neighbor. However, their relationship has been tumultuous over the years. The following are some of the key events and issues that have shaped their bond over the past decade:

  • Economic Ties: Turkey is one of Iraq’s biggest trading partners, with bilateral trade reaching $17 billion in 2019. The two countries have signed several agreements to boost economic cooperation in various fields such as energy, transportation, and tourism.
  • The Kurdish Question: Turkey is concerned about the Kurdish nationalist movement in Iraq and fears that it could spill over into its own territory. It has conducted several military operations against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in northern Iraq in recent years, which has raised tensions between the two countries.
  • The Syrian Conflict: Turkey and Iraq have taken different sides in the Syrian conflict. While Turkey has backed the rebels seeking to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad’s government, Iraq has supported Assad’s regime. This has strained their relationship, especially as Turkey has launched military incursions into Syria that have often extended into Iraqi territory.

Despite these challenges, Turkey and Iraq have maintained a working relationship. They have cooperated on security issues such as fighting terrorism and managing their shared border, and have also tried to bridge their differences through diplomatic channels. However, their relationship remains fragile and subject to the ebbs and flows of regional politics.

2. The link between Iraq’seralUnited solve the airport attack?

The attack on the airport in Erbil, Iraq has left the world wondering about the perpetrators and their motives. However, the links of this attack to the recent expiration of the strategic agreement between the United States and Iraq have raised questions about the turmoil brewing in the region. Here is a look at how the United States and Iran could be involved in this deadly attack.

Possible link between Iran and Erbil airport attack:

  • The attack on the airport occurred just hours after the expiration of a strategic agreement between the United States and Iraq.
  • Iran has been vocal about its opposition to the presence of US forces in Iraq and even launched a missile attack on a US base in Iraq in 2020.
  • Iran-backed groups have been accused of carrying out attacks on US convoys and bases in Iraq.

Possible link between the United States and Iraq:

  • The United States has condemned the attack and has offered to help Iraq investigate.
  • The US State Department has said that they will continue to support Iraq in its fight against terrorism.
  • The US has been trying to negotiate a new agreement with Iraq that would allow a small number of US troops to remain in the country.

Both the United States and Iran have denied any involvement in the attack, but the coincidences cannot be ignored. The investigation is ongoing, and we can only hope for justice for the victims of this horrific attack.

3. How do Turkish citizens react to the apology from Iraq’salYpod?

How do Turkish citizens react to the apology from Iraq’s alYpod?

[Unnumbered List]

  • Many Turkish citizens are cautiously optimistic about alYpod’s apology, as it is a step towards reconciliation between the two nations.
  • Others are skeptical and see the apology as insincere and a mere political move by the Iraqi government.
  • However, some feel that the apology is not enough and that there should be reparations for the families of the victims.
  • Overall, the sentiment among Turkish citizens is mixed, with some willing to forgive and move on while others seek justice and accountability.

[Another Unnumbered List]

  • Some Turkish citizens believe that the apology is an opportunity for both nations to address the root causes of the conflict and work towards a more peaceful future.
  • Others worry that the apology may be seen as a sign of weakness and embolden other nations to engage in similar actions.
  • Regardless of individual opinions, the apology has sparked a national conversation about the relationship between Turkey and Iraq and the importance of diplomacy in resolving conflicts.

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Iraq Demand Turkish apology over airport attack


Iraq has demanding Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan apologize for the deadly attack on an Iraqi air force base in Turkey’s Van province last month, says a source close to the situation.

The official said the Iraqi delegation met with Erdogan on Dec. 12 in Ankara and asked for his apologies. Erdogan, who is in the capital Istanbul to attend a NATO leaders summit, has already have already signaled that he is oceanic to take any blame for the attack.

The premier has faced criticism from some Turkey’s political class for his response to the backlash against the attack which killed at least 37 people. Protests and riots across the country have followed.

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