Is Molière still current? – Debate of the day

Published on : 17/01/2022 – 17:50

It’s the Molière year! Jean-Baptiste Poquelin –his real name- was born 400 years ago, and on this occasion, many events are planned to celebrate the most famous of French playwrights. Let us quote for example the Comédie-Française, born seven years after the death of Molière in the continuity of his troupe, and which will offer until the end of July 2022 around twenty shows and various proposals. How to explain the popularity of Molière, 400 years after his birth? Does Molière rhyme with modernity? How is it anchored in our time?

To discuss:

– Christophe Mory, historian, author of a biography of Moliere », published by Gallimard, Folobiographie collection. On Wednesday January 19, 2022, he will present at North West Theater in Paris, a theatrical conference on her book “Marquise or the sensual life of an actress”, Balland editions, Marquise Du Parc, actress in Molière’s troupe

Christophe Schuwey teaches French literature at Yale University. He is a specialist in 17th century literature, co-author of the book “ Moliere’s Atlas », Editions les Arènes.

– Mamadou Diol, director, he will present in April 2022 with his company Kaddu Yaraax at the Forum Theater in Senegal “The doctor despite him”, by Molière.


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