is the exercise of the Master in Disaster Medicine

A serious road accident, with a military truck that overwhelms three cars, and an explosion near a refugee camp: over a hundred dead and wounded.

This is the scenario of the simulation of the maxi emergency foreseen by the European Master in Disaster Medicine which took place yesterday, Wednesday 25 May, in Bellinzago Novarese. The exercise was the most awaited test of the course organized by Crimedim of the University of Eastern Piedmont, in collaboration with the Regedim, research center of the Free University of Brussels, in which over 500 people took part, including students, extras, soldiers , and rescue volunteers.

The 32 students of the master, from all over the world, led the rescue operations for the “victims” (students of Medicine and of the courses of the health professions who appeared), who were taken to the field hospital set up by the Italian Army in the area next to the sports field.

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