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Jean Todt said in an interview the other day that he thinks the two rivals are mainly similar in nature, as they are both able to completely exclude the outside world in order to focus on their job, racing.

“In some ways, Max is a bit like Kimi,” the French expert told

“He’s very straightforward and very talented. They are very indifferent in other directions and focus on racing. ”

Todt also mentioned Lewis Hamilton, another contender for this year’s World Cup. It says, he respects all that the British rider has achieved on and off the race track.

“I like Lewis. I admire your endurance. Of course, it’s easier to drive the best car and be with the best team for so long. He has a passion. I think it’s very good that you’re so committed. That doesn’t mean I always have to agree with how he commits himself, but he believes in things, he expresses it, and I like it, I respect him. ”

“Sometimes I feel it could be different, but the fact that he wants to commit and wants to be a factor in every area that he feels matters is, I think, respectable.”

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