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Israelis, Palestinians share kosher Ramadan iftar meal in West Bank ‘to end hatred’

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Under the watch of a Palestinian Authority security guard, two Jews and two Palestinians took to a West Bank farm to share a Ramadan iftar meal on Saturday to end the “hatred” between the two sides.

The meal, which was sponsored by the Israeli group Jewish Voice for Democracy, was the first of its kind in the Palestinian Authority, according to the organizers.

The event was part of a new initiative to promote goodwill in the regional conflict.

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“It’s important to translate hatred into love and to end the tension that’s been constantly creating over the years,” said Ynessa Dirie, one of the organizers.

West Bank residents watched from a distance as the Jewish and Palestinian participants cooked the meal and served it to their guests. The banquet, which lasted around two hours, ended with a collective all-night sleep.

The event was standing out because of the high level of tension that has been prevailing in the region for months.

Crime rates have dropped in the enclave since the signing of a cease-fire in December, but violence between Israelis and Palestinians has continued to rise.

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