ITsART: Italy launches a streaming platform dedicated to its culture

Available in all countries of the European Union, the new streaming platform launched this Tuesday, intends to promote Italian culture and heritage. On the menu: films, virtual tours, shows and concerts.

“Italy is art”. An observation that gives its name to an Italian platform called “ITsART”, officially launched on November 23 in all the countries of the European Union, to satisfy consumers of Italian culture and art. The platform had already been unveiled last May, but it was only accessible on an experimental basis in Italy and Great Britain.

ITsART sprouted during the pandemic, when museums and institutions developed digital technology to continue to bring culture to life through virtual tours. The platform, funded to the tune of 19 million euros by the Italian government, was born from the collaboration of a hundred cultural institutions of the Bel Paese, such as La Scala in Milan, the archaeological park of Pompeii or the museum of antiquities. Egyptian women from Turin.

From documentary films to virtual tours

ITsART is organized around three sections: “The scene” unveils concerts, such as an immersion in La Scala for example; “The sites” dive into the emblematic places of the Peninsula through virtual tours of sites and other renowned museums. And “The stories” especially pay tribute to Italian cinema of the best years (most of the titles are not recent) as the “The last emperor” by Bernardo Bertolucci. But if the films are free, you will have to agree to see the advertisement.

Registration on the platform is free. The official website and the application are accessible on Smart TV, smartphone or tablet. The contents are accessible free of charge (with advertising) or in pay-per-view (to rent or to buy).


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