Ivana about the documentary Karel: We didn’t play anything, they revealed…

Karel Gott and Ivana Gottová

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Sadness. Strong. Love. Three words that capture the feelings after watching the documentary Karel, which could be seen on Saturday night on television screens. Everyone who was waiting for him was certainly not disappointed, and there was no doubt that a tear fell. What did the widow Ivana say about the work itself?

They have learned to rejoice in every day and to live in the present. This is how Ivan’s widow, Ivan’s widow, described her life after his cancer returned at the end of 2017. Karel knew that he didn’t have much time left, so he wanted to enjoy it to the fullest and dedicate himself to his family and loved ones. He didn’t forget his fans until the last moment. Although he sometimes endangered his health, he acted so as not to disappoint them. That would be death for him, too.

“The husband has decided that he wants something more than songs left behind him. A gift for his loyal fans. A picture of his life journey. A book, but also a film,” Ivana told the reason why the documentary about our best singer was made.

When Karel found out that this time he would not beat the insidious disease, he began to work even more intensively on his autobiography. He told Ivan all his life. He didn’t even hide the details that might have hurt her or even upset her. He went to the market with leather. He wanted his fans to know what kind of life he really lived, without lies and embellishments.

“I know he cared about making a true film not only about his work, but also about the beautiful and harmonious relationships in our family,” said Ivana.

At first, Ivana did not want to shoot a documentary

Ivana was very skeptical about the document at first, unlike Karel, she always protected her privacy very much. But in the end, she agreed when she saw how important this message was to him.

“We made an exception with director Olga Špátová for the second time. She liked us when she was making a documentary for my 70th birthday with my husband. We liked that – although very young – she already had a clear idea about the film at the time. In addition, she was helpful and humble. “She always filmed discreetly and quietly, accompanied by the narrowest staff – mostly just her and the sound engineer.”

Viewers can look at Gott’s privacy with the power that few would expect. Karl was sick several times during filming, but if he could, he always gave it. He tried to make the most of every shooting day, even though it wasn’t easy for him at all. It cost him a lot of effort, and again he showed how he lived and breathed for his fans.

“Karel wanted to say everything in the documentary, so I honestly mourned the cut scenes, but there was nothing I could do. There were a lot of shooting days and everything didn’t have a chance to fit into the footage,” the widow complained.

Olga Špátová witnessed many tense moments

She does not regret the fact that Olga was admitted to the body, she and her husband became part of the family. They experienced so many emotionally tense situations with Gott that it didn’t work out that way.

“We didn’t play anything, we didn’t pretend, we just lived our lives day after day. We often didn’t notice the camera at all.”

In September, just a few weeks before his death, he was working on the documentary. He chose music with Olga. They went through the playlist and carefully selected each song. It was to be his life’s work. And it worked. Although the premiere of the documentary Karel was translated several times due to the coronavirus pandemic, nothing happened. No one forgot about Karel. Not only thanks to this work, Divine Kája will live in our hearts and musical memories forever.


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