Ivanna Onufriychuk spoke about the tragedy in the family

Ivanna Onufriychuk said that her younger sister died of meningitis. The girl also had some other infection. The tragedy happened when Ivanna was 4 years old

“She had meningitis. When she was two years old, she caught a very bad cold. There was still some kind of infection. She died very quickly, in the middle of the night. We have a difference of two years. I was four then. I remember that night very well. . But at that time I understood very little what and why it happened, “Onufriychuk admitted.

According to her, the tragedy in the family pushed the parents to divorce. In addition, her father was cheating on her mother. He was also often at work.

She also said that her father had health problems. The man had two strokes and a complex head surgery. After that, he had few contacts with anyone.

Recall Ivanna Onufriychuk became the new presenter Gold-room “Dancing with the Stars” replacing Tina Karol. At the same time, some fans of the project were strongly outraged by such changes.

We also wrote that in February 2021 Onufriychuk got married in the Maldives with Kazakh businessman Almaz. The couple met in Spain, after which they talked on the phone for a year.


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