“I’ve been making it since last summer.” Director Yeon Sang-ho said that he plans to release ‘Hell 2’ first as a webtoon next summer.

“I like the word ‘defect’, which means that the dam cracks little by little and eventually collapses. That’s the situation now. The trust that good Korean movies and dramas have built with people around the world over the past decade is exploding in recent years.”

Director Yeon Sang-ho said in a video interview on the 25th. netflix original series Subsequently, he directed This is the answer to the question about the leap of K-contents, such as ranking first in the world (based on FlixPatrol) on Netflix TV shows. It was released on the 19th and rose to the top one day after it was released. was pushed back to 2nd place the next day and regained 1st place again, and has been doing well to this day. He said, “I fell asleep and woke up and was shocked to find out that I was ranked number one. I am still puzzled.”

A total of 6 episodes is based on the supernatural phenomenon of people who are suddenly sent to hell one day, are actually put to death by the messengers of hell on the predicted day. It tells the story of a new religious group taking advantage of the turmoil and those trying to uncover the truth in the face of it. It is based on a webtoon of the same name created by director Yeon and cartoonist Gyu-seok Choi.

“I decided to create a work that is faithful to the cosmic horror genre with writer Choi. The mystery of the great horror of unknown reality was left as a mystery, and we wanted to focus on the human faces who faced it. In order to receive public love, I focused on that because it was important to see how similar the worries of humans in the play were to reality.”

The hell of a group of humans unfolding in front of supernatural horror is a microcosm of real society. A pseudo-religious group, Saejinrihoe, and a group that incites and violently incites the public, the Arrowhead, give a sense of dread that seems to exist in our society today. Director Yeon explained, “It was important to look like an event that could happen in real life, but the setting that directly reminded me of a specific case was rather omitted.” Still, he did not deny that he projected real society, saying, “The things I felt and experienced became an important motive.”

There are differences of opinion among those who have seen it. There are many people who are not able to immerse themselves in an unfamiliar worldview or express their displeasure at the way the story unfolds without revealing the reason for the supernatural phenomenon. “It takes some time to immerse yourself in this unfamiliar worldview. From the beginning, I thought that people who deeply enjoy this genre would like it rather than the general public. But it’s amazing to see so many people talking about the work that I didn’t expect.”

What point did you think about in imaging the mysterious messenger of hell? “Because it deals with supernatural phenomena in the real world, I had a conflicting goal of wanting the lion to be a heterogeneous being, but also expressing it realistically. At the same time, I also wanted it to be seen as a subculture, a non-B-grade movie that I liked. I am not a major sensibility, so the public likes and dislikes about Lion’s computer graphics (CG) seems to be a natural result. Personally, I think the subculture visual elements that I like are well expressed.”

The big frame of the story is divided into a first half trilogy and a second half trilogy. At the end of the last 6 episodes, there is also a scene hinting at the next season. “From the conception stage, we first created a worldview and then decided to create a story by picking out what could happen there. The story that follows after the published work has been made with writer Choi since last summer. It is likely that this will be released as a cartoon in the second half of next year. However, there are no specific plans for season 2 filming. We should discuss it later.”

Director Yeon said,Since it is an original manga, the intellectual property rights (IP) belong to me and writer Choi,” he explained. If Netflix does not do season 2, there is a possibility that it will be filmed through other platforms.”

even so The next season is also likely to work with Netflix. This is because, in addition to being number one in the world, director Yeon expressed satisfaction with working with Netflix. “As a creator, Netflix is ​​a good platform. There are no restrictions from being introduced first in Korea, so free planning is possible. It is also a great advantage and a new experience to be able to show and react to countries of different cultures at the same time.” he is “This was my first work with Netflix and it was successful, but if I do it again with Netflix, I will not take a similar approach,” he said.

Director Yeon has already started another work with Netflix. SF movie starring Kang Su-yeon, Kim Hyeon-joo, Ryu Kyung-soo, etc. is filming “It’s an SF film that costs a lot of money, but I’m working on a short story or poem-like feel. It will be different from previous works.” I wonder how far the ‘Yeonniverse’ (Yeon Sang-ho + Universe), which spreads across cartoons, animations, movies, and dramas, will extend.

By Seo Jeong-min, staff reporter westmin@hani.co.kr

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