Jan Blachowicz wants to beat Vladimir Putin – MMA News

The famous Polish mixed martial arts fighter Jan Blachowicz supported the Ukrainians and is ready to lynch the Russian dictator

Blachowicz challenges Putin / Photo: Collage: Today

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz wants to fight Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Polish fighter cannot forgive the Russian dictator for attacking Ukraine.

Previously Rashists killed Ukrainian MMA fighterwho was supposed to go to the World Cup.

“I would fight Putin. I would show him what the whole world wants to show him – where he belongs,” Blachowicz said in an interview with the New York Post.

See how Blachowicz fights:

“Every day you wake up and check on the Internet what happened in Ukraine.

The Ukrainians are great, they are doing an excellent job. Nobody expected them to defend so powerfully. Russians kill children and women there. They are not soldiers, but assassins. I hope this madness stops.

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A lot of people are fleeing the war from Ukraine to Poland. My cousin took in a pregnant refugee who lives at his house. Soon I will move to a bigger house and, perhaps, I will also settle someone,” the Polish fighter said.

Jan Blachowicz is 39 years old. The former UFC champion is ranked 15th in the ranking of the best fighters, regardless of the weight category. Spent 37 fights – 28 wins and 9 losses.

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