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Japan, India share concerns about China but can’t agree on Ukraine: analysts

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As China and India share worries about China’s economic slowdown, they also have little consensus on Ukraine. India and China are locked in a diplomatic impasse as they clash on what Iran should do about the activists there. Japan, too, is withholdeing judgment on the situation.

China and India share concerns about the potential for a trade slowdown in the world’s two largest economies as they work to boost their economies. India has spoken out against Chinese investment in the Tatars, a formerly nomadic community in Crimea, while China has voiced support.

While they differ on how to handle the situation in Crimea, India and China nevertheless share concerns about how the slowdown in global economic growth couldpotentially affect their own countries. China is struggling to contain financially troubled states such as Greece and Spain, while India is wrestling with a slowdown in the country’s economy due to a Siddaramaiah-led central bank undergoing restructuring.

While theAlice Group global economic analyst says that the disagreement between India and China “doesn’t offer any major insights on China’s intentions for the strategically important Crimea,” he added that the two economies have strategic interests in relation to each other.

Japan has said it is worried about the potential for tension between India and China and said that the country should be “more critical about the actions taken by these two nations.” India and China have called for Japan to take a more critical role in the situation.

Meanwhile, the Russian government has voiced concerns about the situation in Crimea and urged Beijing to resolve the situation through negotiations.

-Tokyo: India and Japan are concerned about China’s expandi- 110

India and Japan have expressed their concern over China’s expanding military and economic presence in the region. In a joint statement, the two countries emphasized the importance of maintaining a rules-based order in the Indo-Pacific, and called for “freedom of navigation and overflight, peaceful resolution of disputes without coercion, and respect for international law.”

Both nations have faced assertive behavior from China in recent years, with territorial disputes and economic competition leading to increased tensions. India and Japan have also raised concerns over China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which aims to develop infrastructure projects across Asia and beyond, but is seen as a way for China to expand its influence and leverage in the region.

To counter these challenges, India and Japan have deepened their strategic ties in recent years, including through their “Quad” partnership with the US and Australia. They have also promoted economic collaboration through initiatives such as the Asia-Africa Growth Corridor and the Partnership for Quality Infrastructure. As China’s influence continues to grow, India and Japan will likely continue to work together to ensure a stable and prosperous Indo-Pacific region.

-Iwate: China is expanding rapidly in Japan and

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