Jewish organizations: Chamber must speak out against comparison of Holocaust and corona

Five Jewish organizations want parliamentary parties to speak out explicitly against the use of Holocaust comparisons in the corona debate. They have sent a letter to all political parties in parliament, writes the New Israelite Weekly, which is itself one of the signatories. The Central Jewish Consultation (CJO), the Israel Information and Documentation Center (CIDI), the Dutch Auschwitz Committee and the National Holocaust Museum have also signed the letter.

During demonstrations against corona measures, Jewish stars are regularly worn by demonstrators. With this they want to indicate that unvaccinated Dutch people are now treated in the same way as Jews in the Second World War. many politicians, like the mayor of Amsterdam Halsema, and organizations such as the CIDI, have expressed themselves strongly about this.

The five Jewish organizations note in their letter that such comparisons are also made in the House of Representatives. MPs from the Forum for Democracy (FVD) have recently made a comparison with the persecution of the Jews, but FVD is not explicitly mentioned in the letter. The letter does state that politicians have an exemplary function: “We urge you to take your responsibility.”


FVD MP Gideon van Meijeren said in a debate on 9 September that the introduction of the corona admission ticket means that it is “the first time since the Second World War that people have to prove by means of a pass that they do or do not have access to a ticket.” social life”. Van Meijeren was tapped on his fingers by Chamber President Vera Bergkamp and eventually Van Meijeren’s microphone was turned off.

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Van Meijeren’s party colleague Pepijn van Houwelingen also made a Holocaust comparison in the House. In a debate at the end of April about a quarantine obligation after returning from a trip, Van Houwelingen said about the comment that you don’t have to travel: “We don’t have to go back that far in history to bring back the feeling of a certain population group of ‘you don’t have to travel’. not sit on a bench in the park.” A reference to the Nazi decision to ban Jews from parks in 1941.

FVD party leader Thierry Baudet also has several times made comparisons with the persecution of the Jews.

Learn lessons

In the letter, Jewish organizations say that comparisons to the Holocaust are “not only extremely hurtful” [zijn]It also makes the lessons to be learned from that darkest period of the twentieth century inflationary.”

The comparison is completely wrong, the organizations write: “We only emphasize the fact that people who freely choose not to be vaccinated are compared with population groups that had no choice at the time. They were murdered. because of who they were.”

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