Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht responds to allegations from ex Yeliz Koc

Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht now comments on the allegations of his ex-girlfriend Yeliz Koc, who is expecting a child from him.

The dispute between Yeliz Koc and Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht does not seem to end shortly before the birth of their child. As soon as one side has calmed down, the other takes a position on something.

This time it is the turn of Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht, who no longer wants to remain silent after the allegations of his ex-girlfriend. Because she had asserts, Jimi Blue has been influenced by his “manipulative family” and finds it difficult to break away. She also blamed her mother-in-law Natascha Ochsenknecht for this. The 57-year-old has recently been as “Monster-in-Law” in the headlines. Yeliz Koc didn’t seem to be keeping anything to herself and was handing it out properly. She suffered from the circumstances and had “daily nightmares”.

Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht it should be too colorful now. In his Instagram-Storys The 29-year-old has now published a long statement on the situation: It looks like the actor is reacting to the swipes he received from Yeliz Koc because of a new TV show. The Ochsenknechts start their own reality TV show on “Sky”. Filming has been scheduled for the beginning of the year.

Yeliz Koc emphasized in her Instagram-Storysthat she had nothing to do with the show. “I wanted to avoid being advertised with my name, and now I’m being used as a hook again,” said the heavily pregnant Yeliz Koc.

Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht railed against Yeliz Koc

The only thing they both agree on is the welfare of their unborn daughter. “I’ve been suppressing myself long enough, being emotionally blackmailed, insulted and having plates thrown at me. The fact that I went back around two weeks ago to help her and relieve her mother is of course not mentioned,” said Jimi Blue ox-hand.

The 27-year-old keeps blocking him: “I offer you help almost every day that you refused again today, but I ask you once again: Stop the harassment. This difficult pregnancy should at least now somehow be harmonious end “, so Ochsenknecht.

“To publicly pose as if I was the asshole shows me again that I made the right decision,” he emphasizes. To protect his daughter, he tried “not to say anything”, but he is now receiving death threats, explains the 29-year-old. “Stop telling lies in public,” he pleads with his ex-girlfriend.

His family made sure that private matters remained private. “Our daughter will read this one day,” the actor worries. Despite the many incidents, he wanted to continue to treat Yeliz Koc with “respect”, he stressed.

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