Joakim and Gard say they visited naked at the arrest in Trondheim – NRK Trøndelag

Climate activists in the second weeks where they blocked traffic on the main arteries of Trondheim, to protest against oil exploration.

Last Friday, they were sitting on the road over the Kroppan bridge in Trondheim.

Two of the activists say they visited them naked after being taken to the police station.

This is not the first time this has happened.

– When I was asked to remove my underwear, I felt nothing but fear, says Joachim Skahjem (24), as one of the activists who took in.

Thinking the goal was outraged

Skahjem arrived at the police station on Friday and was taken to a cell. There they say he was asked to take off his clothes.

He was also arrested on Tuesday the same week, after blocking the road elsewhere in Trondheim. Then she was not visited naked, she says.

Therefore, he refused to take off his clothes on Friday.

Joachim Skahjem found the incident humiliating.

Photo: Morten Andersen / NRK

Eventually, two policemen entered the cell, and are said to have grabbed each other’s arms, while the three officers together removed his clothes.

Police said he pulled his underpants down to knee height, and left the cell shortly thereafter.

– It seems that the goal was to take off my clothes, humiliate me and create this traumatic experience, says Skahjem.

Police are said to have referred to possession of narcotic drugs as an argument for his removal. They say the first policeman says it is a necessary security procedure he has been doing for 30 years.

Three of the six activists who took part in the action last Friday were taken to jail and said they were stripped for a visit, according to the activist.

Morgenbladet first covered the case.

Will report the case

Gard Hope Bakke was also taken to the police station after the protest on Friday.

They say she was also asked to take off her clothes. After arguing that the police have no basis in law, he always chose to strip voluntarily, rather than being stripped by force, he says.

He said the police officer asked him to remove his underpants, turn him over and turn around.

Gard Hope Bakke

Gard Hope Bakke believes the search was an abuse of power by police.

Photo: Morten Andersen / NRK

– For me personally, this was not so comfortable. But I don’t want others to be treated that way. I see it as an abuse of power by police, says Bakke.

– But shouldn’t one just expect police to make a naked visit if there is a story before you?

– As long as there are already important stories about me. I have a flawless roll. The only thing I did before was that I was active in an action on Sjursøya. I never have intoxication on my body, says Bakke.

Climate activists from the same network experienced being naked at the police station in April following an action outside Tønsberg. The special police unit is investigating the incident now.

Bakke says he will also report the case to the Bureau of Investigation.


Photograph of a previous demonstration in Trondheim by the group «Stop Oil Exploration».

Photo: Bent Lindsetmo / NRK


– If it is true that this happens, I apologize.

This is what Arve Nordtvedt, head of the Sentrum police station in Trondheim, says.

It cannot be confirmed that the activists visited naked on Friday. He spoke to four of the officers who handled the activists, saying they had not made a naked visit. The last two officers are on vacation and abroad.

– If an officer chooses to visit a naked person in prison, he must connect and justify. in the arrest records. He says nothing about naked visits, says the station manager.

– But we also have no reason to doubt the information provided here, says Nordtvedt.

Arve Nordtvedt

Arve Nordtvedt, head of the Sentrum police station in Trondheim, apologized for the incident if it happened.

Photo: Helene Solheim / NRK

Clarified the rules to officers

The normal procedure is that naked visits are not made, unless there are concrete reasons to believe that the person arrested may be hiding objects or weapons on the body, which cannot be revealed in other ways.

I think we have good routines. But I see that in this situation he does not appear in the arrest record being visited naked. If that is the case that he did, then it is obvious that this is a routine failure, says the station manager.

– Do the police see this as serious?

– Seriye was probably taken in. But we see it as a very unfortunate case, if there was no basis.

Now Nordtvedt has informed its employees that shareholders will not visit naked, unless there are concrete reasons to suspect that they are hiding something.

MDG: – May weaken confidence

Ingrid Liland is the deputy leader of the Green Party. He believes it is very unfortunate that the police for the second time visited naked activists against their will.

– The use of force seems disproportionate and in the worst case can weaken the trust of the agency. Liland says it is worrying and something to be taken seriously.

Deputy MDG Ingrid Liland

Deputy chief of the MDG reacted strongly to the naked visit.

Photo: Nicklas Knudsen / Nicklas Knudsen

Ireland believes that there should be a high threshold for naked people to visit, and that situations should be reserved for people where people may pose a danger to themselves or others. There is no indication that this was the case in this situation, says the deputy manager.

If the intention is to discourage civil disobedience, it is particularly serious, Liliand believes. He believes that it can frighten people not to exercise their freedom of speech and to participate in the great problems of society.

– Police should ask themselves if they have a threshold too low to use a persistent tool, he says.

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