Joe Biden spoke about Argentina and said that he analyzes Donald Trump’s mistakes

The president of United States, Joe Biden, mentioned Argentina in the middle of the negotiations that the Government of Alberto Fernandez with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and just hours after the visit by Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero assured that The United States does not dictate what happens in South America, but acknowledged that he contemplated working on the mistakes made during the Republican administration.

Argentina approached the United States in recent days in search of political help to unblock negotiations with the IMF, after a loan of 44,000 million dollars that the organization granted to the country during the government of Mauricio Macri.

Argentine officials expect a political response to a loan that, they understand, was also political, since the IMF gave in to pressure of the then president of the United States, Donald Trump, to deliver the largest loan in its history, despite the opposition of the technicians.

The Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman, seeks to refinance in negotiations that are on a swampy path and Argentina hopes that Biden can intervene to allow the country to grow without adjustments.

Cafiero said it bluntly: “A message from the political authority to the Treasury is necessary to have the support of the United States in the International Monetary Fund, and that in this way the growth of Argentina is not restricted”.

Some analysts affirmed, however, that the current North American government is very respectful of the institutions and that it would be difficult for it to act as a mediator and, much less, put pressure on the Fund.

Today, Biden lashed out at his predecessor, Donald Trump a press conference he gave on the occasion of his first year at the head of the US administration and reflected on the activity carried out by his country in Latin America.

The look on Argentina

The US President stated that has contemplated working on the mistakes made during the Republican administration and said that his government “has spent a lot of time talking about policies and in negotiations with Maduro (Nicolás), who is more than a dictator at this time.”

After mentioning the Venezuelan government, he clarified that “they are not the same” but in the same way dedicates time to Argentina and Chile. “When I was vice president, I said that if we were smart, we would have the opportunity to do a united western hemisphere, a democratic hemisphere. We were heading in the right direction in the Obama-Biden administration, but the damage was done as a result of the foreign policy that the previous president carried out in Latin America, Central America, and South America,” he declared, warning of “the reduction in the number of democracies in the world.”

“We used to talk, when I was a kid in college, about ‘America’s backyard’. It’s not America’s backyard. Everything south of the borders of Mexico is the front of America. we are equal peopleWe do not dictate what happens in these countries, in South America, but we have to work very hard on that,” Biden reflected.

“But the problem is that we have had great difficulties because of the mistakes made in the last four years and that will take a while,” he admitted.

The trip to Washington

This week, Cafiero traveled to Washington to present to the State Department and the Security Council that the Secretary of the Treasury was complicating the agreement with the IMF due to technical issues to the economic program presented by Guzmán.

Argentina also stated that it wants to reach an agreement in March, since it must face a new maturity of 2,900 million dollars and that not in a position to pay.

Anthony Blinken is the Secretary of State, a key official when Biden must make a global decision. With the, Cafiero held a bilateral meeting in the Harry S. Truman Building.

In addition, the Foreign Minister shared a dinner at the Argentine embassy in DC with John González, adviser to the president American for Latin America, and a man acting under the direct orders of Jake Sullivan, who heads the National Security Council, the other part of the political wing of the White House.

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