Johnny Hallyday, Charles Trenet, Oscar Wilde … These statues of failed tributes

The monument inaugurated Tuesday in honor of Johnny received a lot of criticism. But do you know the tribute to Charles Trenet on the highway when you arrive in Narbonne? Or Amy Winehouse’s in London?

“Anchor forever in the soil of Paris, the trace of his stay among us”. It is with these words that Laeticia Hallyday, widow of Taulier who died almost 4 years ago, inaugurated the esplanade which now bears her name in front of the AccorHotels Arena in Paris, Tuesday, September 14. Place on which now sits the famous statue which has caused a lot of talk: a guitar neck six meters high planted on the ground, without any base. At the end, a blue Harley-Davidson that seems to be pitching up towards the sky.

The work of the visual artist Bertrand Lavier caused a reaction. Initially controversial during the debates on the monument to the Paris council in early July, the images of the inauguration did not convince this week. “A stew», «ridicule», «horrible“, Many shared on social networks their disappointment at the time of discovering the statue tribute to”the idol of young people».

Well aware that the monument was far from unanimous, even before its inauguration, Laeticia Hallyday had defended herself in The Parisian : «I wanted a work dedicated to Johnny who hated sculptures with his effigy. The guitar and the Harley are parts of Johnny’s life. Difficult not to associate them

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The threatening air of Charles Trénet

We had fun finding other tribute statues that had not been convinced. Inaugurated in 2017 on the Narbonne-Vinassan motorway area, in the Aude, that of the child of the country, Charles Trénet has something to disconcert. A disproportionate head comes out of the ground. The singer is presented with a blissful smile, as if tense, and his eyes wide open, his gaze inhabited. His hat on his head, he raises his finger to the sky, one of his favorite gimmicks.

Created at the instigation of Vinci, the operating company encourages you to take a selfie in front of the statue, to immortalize this moment of grace. The rest of the motorway area is very pleasant. A nice course of sculpted plaques highlights the career of “madman singing».

The incomprehensible “conversation»With Oscar Wilde

Even more than the statue in honor of our national Johnny, the tribute to Irish writer Oscar Wilde angered many Londoners when it was inaugurated in the English capital. Entitled A Conversation With Oscar Wilde, this abstract work represents the author of Portrait of Dorian Gray smiling limp and smoking. It sits on the corner of a public bench, a way of inviting people to come and converse with the writer and playwright. Problem: the more than abstract dimension of the work gives the impression that Oscar Wilde’s body is about to evaporate through the bench, to decompose.

Inaugurated in 1998, the statue created a stir among the English media. The Telegraph writing: “Hideous is too sweet a word to describe it. […] The idea is quite spiritual […] but the portrayal of Wilde is loathsome. (…) Even Wilde, the master of the aphorism, would have been at a loss for words to describe it. ” The sense of measure.

Amy Winehouse in the gray

The performance of Amy Winehouse, inaugurated in London in 2014, is far from being a success. Erected at Stables Market in his Camden neighborhood, this life-size statue was supposed to invoke, according to its designer Scott Eaton, “attitude and strength [d’Amy], but also give some subtle notes of insecurity. ” Immortalized in her characteristic outfit (dress and high heels) and wearing a red rose, the work does not do justice to the singer who tragically died in 2011, suffering above all from its bronze design, which gives it its depressing gray color. , and coarse facial features.

The performance of Amy Winehouse, inaugurated in London in 2014, is far from being a success. Abaca Press

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