Jokowi’s car stops when residents ask for grass market flats

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

A resident of the Mangosteen Market named Irma Rahmawati asked apartment (rusun) to the President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). In addition to the flats, Irma, who claims to be a Jokowi volunteer, also asked for a kiosk to sell.

The incident occurred on Monday (20/9), after Jokowi inaugurated the flats, kiosks, and grass market facilities, South Jakarta.

Monitoring CNNIndonesia.comAt first the presidential motorcade was about to leave the inauguration site. Then around the fence of the Pasar Rumput Flats, Irma, who had been standing, immediately shouted Jokowi’s name.

“Mr. Jokowi,” he said.

Jokowi’s car stopped. He asked Paspampres to call Irma. Irma then went to Jokowi’s car and had a few moments of dialogue. After that, Jokowi’s car immediately moved.

“I said that I’ve been a trader here for more than 20 years, but I don’t have a kiosk yet. I don’t even have a kiosk, I don’t even have a house,” said Irma to, after a dialogue with Jokowi.

Irma claimed to be a Jokowi Volunteer. At that time, he was seen wearing a shirt that said Garamiro (Combination of Noodles and Bread Traders) on the front and the words Jokowi-Ma’ruf Amin on the side.

“I asked for a house and a kiosk, because (I) a resident of Pasar Manggis Urban Village, I don’t have a house yet. Maybe we small people can apply,” he said.

He said that after conveying this, Jokowi said he would contact Irma.

“I’ll be contacted later,” Irma said.


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