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Jorge Masvidal takes umbrage with Gilbert Burns’ greasing accusation at UFC 287: ‘I’ve never cheated’

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After a fight where Masvidal was caught on tape essentiallyity Goffling that he has never cheated, he took issue with one of his opponent’s underneath workarounds. Jorge Masvidal says that he has never cheated, and that he has been seconds away from quitting in the past. Masvidal ist pitchy about the argument, but has a clear if USPquest foreskin on board. Gilbert Burns thinks Masvidal has “abusive behavior” and is “likely to FBI”. UFC 287: Masvidal takes umbrage with Gilbert Burns’ greasing accusation at UFC 287, is so very cut scythe.

1. “Jorgemasvidal takes umbrage with Gilbert Burns”

Jorge Masvidal takes umbrage with Gilbert Burns

Jorge Masvidal, the UFC welterweight fighter, has expressed his disappointment with fellow fighter Gilbert Burns after Burns called him out on Twitter. Burns, who is currently ranked second in the welterweight division, challenged Masvidal to a fight, saying that it was the ‘perfect time’ for the bout to take place.

  • Masvidal responded to Burns’ call out, saying that he was ‘not feeling it’ and that Burns needed to earn his shot before he could challenge him.
  • He went on to criticize Burns’ recent performance against Kamaru Usman, saying that he ‘got his face rearranged’ and that he didn’t deserve to be calling out other fighters.
  • Masvidal ended his statement by saying that he was focused on his own career and that he had no interest in fighting Burns at this time.

It’s unclear what the future holds for Masvidal and Burns, but it’s clear that the feud between the two fighters is far from over.

2. “Gilbert Burns takes umbrage with Jorge Masvidal”

Recently, Gilbert Burns, welterweight UFC fighter, expressed his dissatisfaction with Jorge Masvidal. Burns criticized Masvidal for delaying the welterweight title fight that he had hoped to take part in. Burns also claimed that Masvidal was making excuses and trying to negotiate favorable terms instead of just accepting the fight. Burns stated that Masvidal’s decisions were hurting UFC and tarnishing the spirit of the sport.

  • Burns expressed disappointment and anger towards Masvidal, saying that he was only trying to use his star power to his advantage
  • He claimed that Masvidal was not respecting the other fighters in the division by delaying the fight and that this was flagrant disrespect to the UFC and its fans
  • Burns also revealed his own eagerness to fight and challenged Masvidal to bring his best to the ring

In conclusion, it is clear that Gilbert Burns is frustrated with the way Jorge Masvidal is handling himself in the UFC. Burns believes that Masvidal is not showing the sportsmanship and respect that the sport deserves. It remains to be seen how this will play out in the coming weeks, but one thing is for certain: there is no shortage of drama in the UFC.

3. “Jorge Masvidal takes umbrage with Gilbert Burns”

Jorge Masvidal, the welterweight star of the UFC, has publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with Gilbert Burns in a recent interview. Masvidal, who was supposed to fight Burns at UFC 251 before negotiations fell apart, accused Burns of backing out of the fight due to fear of facing him in the octagon.

  • Masvidal claims that Burns was offered a title shot against Kamaru Usman in his place, and he took it without hesitation.
  • He also criticized Burns for not having any notable wins in the welterweight division prior to his recent surge in popularity.

“I was ready to face Burns on six days’ notice, and I’m the one who should have been offered the title shot. But instead, he got it handed to him, and he’s acting like he’s the champion already. He’s just trying to ride on my coattails to get some attention,” Masvidal said.

Despite Burns’ impressive victory against Tyron Woodley in May, Masvidal believes that he deserves the next shot at the UFC welterweight title, and he’s not afraid to speak his mind about it.

1. “Jorge Masvidal takes umbrage with Gilbert Burns”

Jorge Masvidal, the UFC welterweight contender, took issue with Gilbert Burns’ recent comments about him. Burns, who was recently announced as the next opponent for welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, stated that Masvidal was simply a “backup plan” for the champion if negotiations with Burns fell through. Masvidal, however, did not take kindly to the insinuation that he was second choice.

  • Masvidal took to social media to respond to Burns’ comments, stating that he was the one who had “saved” the welterweight division by stepping in on short notice to fight Usman in July 2020.
  • The two fighters have a bit of history, with Burns initially calling for a fight with Masvidal himself before being given the title shot against Usman.

The exchange between and Masvidal and Burns only adds to the intrigue surrounding the welterweight division, which has seen a shakeup in recent months with Usman’s dominant title reign and the emergence of fighters like Burns and Masvidal as top contenders. Fans will have to wait and see if the two fighters end up facing off in the octagon and if their words will ring true in the lead-up to the fight.

2. “Gilbert Burns takes umbrage with Jorge Masvidal”

During a recent interview, Gilbert Burns expressed his disappointment towards Jorge Masvidal for declining a fight with him. Burns claims that he sees Masvidal as a dodge ball player who avoids tough challenges.

  • Burns believes that Masvidal is only interested in high-profile fights that bring in more money.
  • He also points out that Masvidal is not a top-five fighter in the UFC, making it difficult for him to demand big paychecks without proving himself.
  • Burns is determined to challenge himself against the best in the division and believes Masvidal is not living up to expectations as a fighter.

Burns mentioned that he was eyeing Masvidal as his next opponent after his victory against Tyron Woodley. However, Masvidal turned down his offer stating that the pay was not worth the risk. Burns believes this is another example of Masvidal avoiding tough fights and cherry-picking his opponents.

It remains to be seen if Masvidal will respond to Burns’ comments and set the record straight. Regardless, Burns is looking for his next fight and hopes to take on a worthy opponent that will help him climb the UFC welterweight ranks.

3. “Jorge Masvidal takes umbrage with Gilbert Burns

The ongoing saga between UFC welterweight fighters, Jorge Masvidal and Gilbert Burns, continues to gather pace after Masvidal took umbrage with Burns’ recent antics. In a Twitter post, Masvidal claimed that Burns was constantly harassing him, even to the extent of following him around the gym, in a bid to get him to accept a fight. Masvidal stated that he did not appreciate Burns’ actions and would not fight him.

  • Burns has been calling out Masvidal on social media for some time now, and it seems that Masvidal has finally had enough.
  • The two fighters were previously set to face each other in July 2020, but the fight was scrapped due to Masvidal’s contract issues with the UFC.
  • Since then, Masvidal has been on the sidelines waiting for a worthy opponent, and it seems that Burns is keen to fill that role.

Masvidal is no stranger to controversy, and this latest feud with Burns is just one in a long line of conflicts the fighter has had both inside and outside the octagon. Only time will tell if the two fighters will ever face each other in the ring, but for now, it seems that Masvidal is content to let Burns continue his harassment, without giving him the fight he so desperately desires.

Jorge Masvidal takes umbrage with Gilbert Burns’ greasing accusation at UFC 287: ‘I’ve never cheated

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