Josetty and Gennesis Hurtado say goodbye to their father and return to the United States | Shows

Through their social networks, the sisters Josetty and Gennesis Hurtado They shared the pleasant moments they lived during their stay in Peru, as well as the last minutes before returning to the United States, their country of residence.

The duo Hurtado He was in Lima for a week and a half to be part of the anniversary special of Because Today is Saturday with Andrés, a program hosted by his father Andres Hurtado.

The eldest daughter, Josetty, He dedicated a few tender words to his compatriots for the displays of affection he received.

“10 wonderful days in Peru, thank you all for your love, I feel very loved, conceited and grateful,” read the influencer’s Instagram post.

Josetty It also ensured her wishes to return to the country where she was born the next time.

“They fill me with motivation to come back and work harder. I still have many photos of Cusco to share, little by little I will do it, “he said on his platform.

Josetty Hurtado returns to the United States with his sister. Photo: Josetty Hurtado / Instagram

Similarly, his sister Gennesis shared from his Instagram account some photos and videos of his last night in Peru enjoying a concert in India, where the singer dedicated a beautiful message to the Hurtado family.

“Last night in Peru with my mothers, friends and family,” he wrote Gennesis.

Gennesis Hurtado’s last night in Peru. Photo: Gennesis Hurtado / Instagram

In your Instagram statuses, Josetty He also recorded his passage through the Jorge Chávez airport within minutes of his departure.

“Well, it’s time to go back. Time to get back, ”said the oldest of the sisters as she focused on the large number of suitcases they were carrying back to Los Angeles.

Magaly Medina says she doesn’t need lavish gifts from Génesis and Josetty Hurtado

In the latest edition of Because today is Saturday with Andrés, Magaly Medina was the special guest of the program so Josetty and Génesis received her with luxurious gifts.

“Full shoes and game bags from the Louis Vouitton brand. These are gifts that Genesis and Josetty embarrassed me with last night. I know that you do it with a lot of affection, but I want to tell you that the notes I give you, that the compliments I give you are because I appreciate you and because I really love you and the career you have. In addition, you do not need to give me anything, “said the journalist.

Magaly Medina, Josetty Hurtado and Génesis Hurtado

Josetty and Génesis Hurtado will pay the debt of the Dalia Durán department

The daughters of Andrés Hurtado, Jossety and Génesis expressed solidarity with Dalia Durán, who went through difficult times with his former partner John Kelvin.

“We have great news that we want to share with Dalia and her children … Génesis and I have made the decision to cover the debt of your department. Magaly is difficult, because this really outrages us, because I know what it is to be a foreigner in another country ”, they mentioned in the Magaly TV program, the firm.

Josetty and Génesis Hurtado linked up with the Magaly Medina program to support Dalia Durán.

Josetty Hurtado dedicates a loving message to Magaly Medina

The influencer and actress on more than one occasion has shown her love to Magaly medina And this time was not the exception. Jossety Hurtado sent an emotional message to the journalist where he assured that he “loves her like a mother.”

“To love you have to admire and I love you like a mother @magalymedinav. My Magician, I keep crying with emotion. I am very happy with my dream come true, to see those I love finally together ”, he said when he saw his father next to the ATV figure.

Magaly Medina met Génesis and Josetty Hurtado on the program Because today is Saturday with Andrés, last Saturday, September 11. Photo: Josety Hurtado / Instagram

Andrés Hurtado cries with pride for his daughters on Father’s Day

The driver of Because today is Saturday with Andrés was very proud of his daughters. Through his Instagram, he mentioned that his family is not to celebrate commemorative dates, but he decided to leave an emotional message for his day.

“I said it in the middle of the week and I reaffirm it: the greatest blessing and gift for a father is to see his daughters fulfilled, successful, professional and conquering the world like my Jossety and Genesis”, he indicated.

Andrés Hurtado shared an emotional message dedicated to his daughters Josetty and Gennesis Hurtado. Photo: Andrés Hurtado / Instagram


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