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Although the arrival of Afghans in the country is not ruled out, it would not be imminent, said the Colombian ambassador in Washington on Sunday. Juan Carlos Pinzon.

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According to Pinzón, the agreement with the United States still is in force just like the government’s disposition, but for now Washington It has not indicated whether it will be necessary to use Colombia as a temporary destination for these people.

“But it cannot be ruled out because perhaps in a few months it will be necessary,” said the ambassador.

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Pinzón stressed that “the most important thing is that Colombia made a decision that was historic.” “When we were in this difficult situation, (Colombia) was the first country in Latin America, and perhaps the second in the world, that came out to offer the possibility for people from Afghanistan to protect their rights, they could spend some time in Colombia ”.

“In that sense, much progress was made in the agreement with the United States and that provision continues. Now, if it is finally not necessary by US decision, it will not be necessary, but that provision is maintained by Colombia“Added Pinzón, who stressed the gratitude that is in front of the country for that gesture.

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“What is clear is that there is an agreement, that the possibility of it happening at some point is always open, and that for now and, for now, it has not happened and we do not see it in the short term, but the will of Colombia and the agreement is there ”, added the ambassador.

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