Juventus-Milan 1-1, Rebic responds to Morata: bianconeri still dry of victories

TORINO – Now it no longer matters for who this match was really important, because the moral of the story is a draw that is not important to anyone, given that it leaves Juve to the rearguard skirmishes with Cagliari and Salernitana to avoid the last place and does not launch the Milan towards a hint of escape. There is still another moral, however: Juve played a good match, did their best and risked losing, Milan fought a lot but risked winning, and this measures the current distance between the two teams, divided by 8 points in the standings. In the end Allegri is categorical: “I’m angry, and I made a mistake in the changes”.


Milan’s initial mistake

It was a mistake by Milan, who badly beat a corner resolved with an imperfect header by Théo towards Kessié, which unleashed a deadly counterattack by Juve, able to travel from an area to the other with two touches (Alex Sandro and Dybala) to launch Morata’s breakthrough race, very good at keeping himself lucid after having scrambled for 50 meters with Théo at his heels. Closing down, waiting and starting again is what Juventus have been trying to do all evening, or maybe that’s all they can do against opponents of this level right now: around Chiellini and Bonucci (which could say: De Ligt still has to eat some pasta) it is worthwhile to castle a team that remains unscratchable in the sixteen meters, considering that with a sling like Dybala, in fact a pitcher rather than a striker, the action is often restarted fast and unpredictable, focusing on Morata’s loose step and this time by Rabiot rather than by Cuadrado. Milan will not repeat the initial mistake, however, and will be able to take time and measures against the Bianconeri counterattack, but will never transform the blatant superiority in the dribble into the ability, or even just the possibility, to penetrate the Juventus double defensive barrier, at least up to the minutes following the draw, when all the emotional frailties of Allegri’s men will open up spaces for Milan that were previously non-existent. The Rossoneri maintained control but only pulled from the outside, four times with Tonali in the first half and once with Leao in the second: the concern of finding themselves behind (in the first 20 ‘Morata and Dybala were also dangerous) must have somehow conditioned by the happily reckless enthusiasm with which Milan usually knows how to shake the matches but which it has finally mediated here with a perhaps excessive reasoning that Juve has manipulated, managed, transformed into a situation of advantage for itself.

But this Juve doesn’t last more than a time

However, this is no longer the Juve it once was. To begin with, she got tired early, and in any case before the others (already halfway through the recovery, Cuadrado, Dybala and Morata were unhappy), and then couldn’t help but keep the race on those tracks, until an episode derailed her. : Rebic’s header on Tonali’s corner has uncovered all the weaknesses of the bianconeri, who in the remaining time have lost their calm and confidence, getting anxious and giving Milan two opportunities for overtaking. On the first Rebic kicked in a hurry instead of serving Leao or Brahim, on the second Szczesny’s big hand denied Kalulu the goal of his life and Juve the humiliation of a penultimate place in blissful solitude.

Juventus-Milan 1-1 (1-0)
Juventus (4-4-2):
Szczesny; Danilo, Bonucci, Chiellini, Alex Sandro; Cuadrado (27 ‘st Church), Bentancur, Locatelli, Rabiot; Dybala (34 ‘st Kulusevski), Morata (21’ st Kean) (23 Pinsoglio, 36 Perin, 2 De Sciglio, 4 De Ligt, 8 Ramsey, 14 McKennie, 17 Pellegrini, 20 Bernardeschi, 24 Rugani). Herds Allegri.
Milan (4-2-3-1): Maignan; Tomori, Kjaer (35 ‘pt Kalulu), Romagnoli, Hernandez; Tonali, Kessié (18 ‘st Bennacer); Saelemaekers (18 ‘st Florenzi), Diaz (48’ st Maldini), Leao; Rebic (1 Tatarusanu, 96 Jungdal, 5 Ballo-Touré, 7 Castillejo, 14 Conti, 46 Gabbia, 64 Pellegri). Herds Pioli.
Referee: Duties of Rome 1.
Networks: in pt 4 ‘Morata, in st 31’ Rebic.
Corners: 4-4.
Recovery: 2′ e 3′.
Ammonites: Dybala, Tonali unregulated behavior.
Spectators: 18.785.


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